LFPS COVID-19 Plan for our Parents

In coordination with Lexington Parks and Rec with governance from the city and governor, we have drafted a plan for our opening for Spring 2020.  As we all know there are specific guidelines, recommendations, and precautions we all must take due to COVID-19.  We have the obligation to ourselves, our softball families, and our supporting bodies to follow these guidelines and have written the following document.  This document is verbose, but it is written to be complete and with specific intent so that our softball league, our softball families, and our softball girls remain safe.


This is a draft document, so there may be portions of this which can change over the following weeks but we would like to resume our practices on June 15 and begin gameplay on June 29.  We are looking from feedback from our parents and coaches so that we know how many players will be participating so that we can plan accordingly.  We have had an overwhelming number of families contacting us asking when we can resume and expressing excitement over being able to play.  We have also had parents who feel the timing is not correct for them, be it due to COVID-19 or simply just other obligations due to the timing of the season.  We will be having our coaches contact parents to gauge participation and we encourage you to read this document before they contact you.  We hope that everyone comes out this Spring season and makes the best of this difficult time.

We also need to point out that these guidelines apply to the board, coaches, players, and spectators as well.  There are guidelines that apply to all aspects of our league play this season and we need everyones participation.

Thank you, and please let us know if you have any questions, hope everyone is well, and hope to see you in a few weeks when practices resume!