LPW Sponsorship

LPW is a non profit organization located in Lawrence Ma.

Within the past 5 yrs we have sent 2 cheerleading squads to Florida for Nationals and places 3rd both times.

Our football teams over the years have gone

8-0 2010 MVC Champs! 8-0 2012 MVC Champs!

7-1 2013 MVC Champs 7-1 2014 MVC Champs!

C team was 2014 Eastern Mass Championship.

Our  program is designed to help kids to be discipline and to improve grades and attitude towards school and life.

Over the years we assisted in getting kids into Brooks Central ,St. John's Prep, Central Catholic and Phillips Academy. 

With your support we can do so much more. LPW is asking for donations to help with the cost of new equipment for our program. On average it cost over $75,000 a year to run our program, with the cost of new uniforms it raises our cost close to $90,000.