2018 League Rules

Welcome to MASL our Rules are as follows



The Ref will provide the game ball. The home team will choose the field direction and the Away team will kick-off. Teams switch sides at halftime. Games are 11 vs. 11 players, one of whom is the goalkeeper. Referees are to start the game with how many players are present. If the game starts late playing time must be reduced. All games are to be played with an equal number of players on each side unless a send off has been issued or a team has less than 3 women then they will play a woman down.

Standings are kept. A win earns three points, a tie earns one point and a loss earns zero points.



First determined first by points, and in the event of a tie, then Head to Head, then by Goal Differential (Goals Forced minus Goals Allowed), then by Goals Allowed, then by Goals Forced.



A team must field at least seven (7) of its rostered players by 20 minutes into the game time.  If a team is unable to field seven (7) players, it will forfeit the game and be counted as a win for the opposing team. A paid sub does count as a roster spot for the day and does count toward the min. 7 required rostered players.

Teams may invite players registered to other teams to assist in a game (borrowed players).  We encourage teams to play together, and utilize other team’s players as little as possible, borrowed players are not allowed to score only assist.  If “borrowing players” becomes over-used this rule will be revoked. A team may only use a maximum of 4 “borrowed players” at any given time. Each borrowed player will wear league issued armband. Each team may have unlimited paid subs at a rate of $15 per Sunday. Paid subs CAN score, CAN sub for multiple teams/games and MUST wear a armband labeled with our league logo. (must be visiable at all times)



It is the CAPTAINS responsibility to relay all messages to his/her team and to know the interpretation of all game and league rules. CAPTAINS should be the ONLY ones talking to the Referees.


· Good conduct is expected and encouraged, starting with the Captains.

· Games are 70 minutes in length; including two 35-minute halves. Ties stand -- No overtime. If the

Captains of the teams want to play quarters instead of halves, they will have to both agree to this

before the start of the game.

* Semi Final and Finals when played will be 80 minutes in length: including two 40 minute halves (no quarters). If tied at end of regulation kicks from the penalty mark will determine winner.

1) No borrowed players during playoffs

2) Paid subs must have played in 2 regular season games for any team to qualify for playoff games

3) Games will be 40 minutes

4) We expect the best sportsmanship

5) All fees must be paid PRIOR to taking the field!!! (registration & card fees)

6) All awards will be given out at our Halloween Party 


· First to the ball so keep in mind to be in enough control to not run someone over.

· Tackling aggressively will be considered a foul. (This is in the interest of safety and to keep tempers from becoming heated)  

·  NO SLIDE TACKLING, Referees will issue an automatic yellow card. A slide will be considered a "tackle" if the player and ball are within 2 yards of an opponent playing the ball. Goalkeepers sliding to get the ball or players sliding to keep the ball in play will not be carded as long as it is reasonable and safe.

· One red card means ejection from that game and suspension for at least one more game.

· Two red cards awarded during the session to any player ends the session for that player.

· Two yellow and one red during the session to any player ends the session for that player.

· Four yellow during the session to any player ends the session for that player.

· Two yellow cards equal a red card regardless if they are not in the same game. (no game suspension if they are not in the same game) 



Player substitutions may be made:

· By either team after a goal has been scored

· At halftime

· Prior to a goal kick by either team

· For an injured player (Only the injured player may be substituted)

· When a throw-in is awarded in your favor or if the opposing team has subbed on their throw-in



If you are borrowing players during a game they must be in the game by the 20 minute mark

no new borrowed players may be added after that, you can not save them to play second half only

The only exception to this rule will be in the case of an injury, if the injured player returns then the

borrowed player may not. Full time rostered players may enter the game at any point with the permission

of the referee.


If you are borrowing players you may only have a maximum of 4 total subs on the sideline

including the borrowed players or a total of 15. If you have 4 substitutes on the sideline and 

the team is short women you may borrow enough to field a total of 4 women but still a max of 

4 borrowed players.



ALL players on the roster MUST wear their current numbered 2018 jersey 

If you do not have your jersey you MUST check in and get a league BP Pennie and will be 

treated as a borrowed player and can not score - no exceptions


ALL players NOT on the roster MUST check in and get a league issued armband to be 

allowed on the field and return the armband after the game.


All Paid subs must register and pay a $15 sub fee and wear a league issued MASL armband

You will be charged $20 and have $5 returned when you return the armband


All Borrowed players must check in and wear a borrowed player league issued BP Pennie

You may only be a borrowed player for the same team up to 3 times then on the 4th time

must be duel rostered for that team at a $65 2nd team fee. If caught taking the field for 

the same team more than 3 times that game will be a forfeit. 


If a players is caught taking the field without registering and receiving a league issued armband or borrowed players getting a BP Pennie that team will forfeit that game


All armbands MUST be returned after that game


Shin guards are required on all players



NO jewelry of any kind is to be worn on the field, this includes and isn't limited to

rings including engagement rings, wedding rings, necklaces, piercings & sunglasses (except prescriptions glasses) Any injury as a result of wearing such jewelry at your own risk you will/may be personally liable for. 



If a player goes down and isn't able to bet back up quickly, with or without help, then for the safety

of that player they must be substituted off for a min of 2 minutes or the next substitution. Only the injured player may be substituted off and no other substitutions at that time. I would expect that

the opposing player would help the injured player to their feet. If a player is found to be fouling a

player with the intent to injure that player will be red carded and sent off with league suspension.  



Players displaying unsportsmanlike conduct before, during or after a game may be ejected from the game or maybe subject to future suspension. The official and League Director have complete authority before, during and after games, both at the playing field area and the parking lot.

Unacceptable conduct includes:

· Vulgar, obscene or abusive language or anything deemed so by an official, toward an official, player or spectator will not be tolerated. Shouting obscene language loud enough to be heard in any language.

by spectators will not be tolerated. There are many children at the games and on other fields. Referees

will be instructed and encouraged to eject players that cannot control their mouths.

· TAUNTING will not be tolerated. Taunting includes any actions or comments by coaches, players or

spectators which are intended to bait, anger, embarrass, ridicule or demean others, whether or not the

words are vulgar or racist.




Taking the field under ANY amount of alcohol is strictly prohibited ... if caught doing so

you will be removed from that game with a warning, 2nd offense you will be removed from the 

league with no refund and asked to not return. 



· If MASL cancels a game due to inclement weather, MASL will do so before 10:00 A.M.

· If MASL does not cancel a game prior to 10:00 A.M., teams must show up at the field for a determination of conditions at that time. Always assume games are on unless you have heard otherwise from MASL.

· If tornado watches or warnings are called for within Macomb County during game time, all games are automatically cancelled.

· If lightning occurs during a game, the referees will suspend play. Take shelter immediately and wait up to 30 minutes to decide whether to continue or suspend the match. The Referee will discuss the decision with both team Captains before making the final decision.

· If the match is suspended for weather during the first half, the game will be rescheduled by the league.

· If the match is suspended after the start of the 2nd half, the game is complete.


Referee Pay Scale:

Center Referee: $40.00 per game

Assistant Referee 1: $20.00 per game

Assistant Referee 2 : $20.00  per game



The Macomb Adult Soccer League (MASL), the Township of Washington or its’ representatives are not responsible for any injuries incurred as a result of individuals participating in the Adult Soccer League Program.  These rules do not create any expectation, requirement or policy regarding play.  Part of play may entail rule infraction by other players, and such infractions are considered an acceptable risk. 


Yellow & Red Card policy
1 yellow card = $25 fine 
1 red card = $50 fine 
you will not be able to return until your fine is paid PERIOD! 

If you get the total of 2 red cards (2 yellow = 1 red) you are out of the session without refund. 
A yellow card gets a 2 minute time out (calm down!) 
A red card you are finished for that game (the day) and the next! 
Any team with 4 red cards in both sessions will NOT enter playoffs and could be subject to not playing the final  


When issued a card the captains of both following weeks game will be notified of players who 

received cards with the understanding that those players cannot take the field until they take care

of their fee. 

All past red/yellow cards are preprinted on the following weeks Ref score cards so the team

Captains should check with the Center Ref and see if there are any cards for that game
All issued red/yellow cards disputed will be reviewed .... to dispute a card you must wait 24 hours

and send an email for the board to review... PLEASE do not approach me on the field to complain! 
Send email to macombadultsoccer@gmail.com 
Captains are responsible to enforce league rules. All players should bring questions to their captains

I am asking for the team captains and other leaders on each team to keep your players in line. 

• Dissent towards any of the officials 
• Unsportsmanlike conduct 
• Pulling an 
opponent’s jersey 
• Entering and exiting the field without permission (need to wait for official’s signal) 
• Persistent infringement 

• Violent strike or attempt to strike 
• Using offensive, insulting, racist, cussing or abusive language and/or gestures 
• Repeated misconduct 
• Intentional hand ball in goalie box that prevents a goal from scoring 
• Intent to harm 
• Any infraction ruled malicious or excessive by the referee 
• Receiving a second caution in the same match 
* If ejected the player may not be replaced by another player. 


• Slide tackles 
• Kicking or attempting to kick an opponent 
• Tripping or attempting to trip an opponent 
• Jumping at or charging into an opponent 
• Charging and contacting with goalkeeper 
• Holding or pushing an opponent 
• Hand ball 
• Note: A penalty kick is awarded if any of the above infractions occur inside the penalty area 

• Dangerous play 
• Intentionally obstructing another player 
• Goalkeeper playing the ball with hands when the ball has been intentionally kicked to them by a teammate 
• Stalling (Ex: Goalkeeper taking more than six seconds to release ball) 

If you have any questions of comments please feel free to contact us at macombadultsoccer@gmail.com