2007 Runners up!!! 10 & Under AAU team

MAYS Hornets 10 & Under were runner-up to Sam Cassell All-stars in the Maryland State District Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Championship game on April 29, 2007 at Morgan State University, Baltimore Maryland. Sam Cassell (Los Angeles Clippers) presented the MAYS Hornets their awards. MAYS will be competing in the 10 and under AAU National tournament held in Coco Beach Florida starting July 15th. From front left the following individuals are; Jaylen Avery, Khalid Slocum, Bruce Spruell II, Isaiah Nelson. Back left; Sam Cassell, Jalen Smith, Clayton Lipscomb, Charles Meiklejohn, James Smith, Dominic Hess, Kory Beaman, and coach Bruce Spruell Sr.