Legal Bat Guidelines


Mississauga Co-Ed 3 Pitch League only permits the use of pure single-walled aluminum bats for league play. Any bats deemed to be multi walled or made of titanium or any composite material is banned from the league for safety reasons. We have compiled a fairly comprehensive list of bats that are legal for use in our league. If anyone has a bat that does not appear on the legal bat list, it will be deemed illegal. If anyone has reason to believe that their bat is a single walled, aluminum bat but does not appear on the list, please bring it Tim or Tommy's attention. Each team rep is responsible to ensure that their players are aware of the bat rules and the penalties if violated. Team reps should make sure that each player on their team knows where to find the list and is are also responsible for knowing which bats are being used by their team from one game to the next. Umpires in our league will not be informed as to which bats are illegal in our league.

Penalties: If any player is caught using an illegal bat, they will be suspended for 1 game and the team fined $50.00. If same player is caught using an illegal bat a second time, player will be suspended for 3 games and the team fined $50.00. Any player caught using an illegal bat for a third time, they will be suspended for the remainder of the season and the team assessed a $50.00 fine. 


The Idiot's Guide to Buying One -Piece, Single-walled Bats For Use in Our League

  1. If a bat costs over $200, it's likely not legal in our league....or it could just mean you've been ripped off. Have Tim West check it out.
  2. Any bat with any type of shell (EST), core, lining or composite handle, is not a "pure" singlewall bat, and is therefore illegal.
  3. Ant bat that is not one continuous piece of metal is illegal. 
  4. Any bat that has the word "composite" anywhere on it is illegal.
  5. Just because it has an ASA stamp on it, does not mean it is legal.
  6. If a bat says "Exceeds 1.20 BPF" on it, it is illegal.
  7. There are bats that say "singlewall" right on the barrel, however bat companys will put this on there just to sell their bats to a wider audience. These bats could have some of the characteristics mentioned above, and therefore could not be legal.
  8. When in doubt, ask before you swing.


2017 Legal Bat List