2018 Constitution (Link to actual document)

April 30, 2018





Article 1 ‑ Name


This organization shall be called the Mississauga Co‑Ed 3‑Pitch League, hereinafter to be referred to as the league. Its playing boundaries shall be those of the City of Mississauga, Ontario.


Article 2 ‑ Objectives


A)        To provide an opportunity for men and women to participate in an organized, amateur, 3‑pitch league in a friendly and recreational atmosphere.


B)        To develop character and physical fitness through a community sports activity.


C)        The league is a non‑profit organization.


Article 3 ‑ Membership


Membership in the organization shall be comprised of individual teams whose members qualify under the rules and by‑laws of the league, and having paid prescribed registration fees, agree to abide by and comply with the constitution, by‑laws and rules of the league.


Membership will be revoked by:


Resignation of all elected Team Representatives;

Non‑payment of annual fees; and/or

Any team giving preference or disallowing new players based on employment at a Company or membership to a club or organization.

All teams must consist of at least 80% Mississauga residents.

All new players participating in the league must be residents of the City of Mississauga.

No team shall be allowed to play unless registration is paid in full and registration forms turned into the league prior to the first scheduled game.



Article 4 ‑ Team Representatives


All team representatives must be paying members of the league. It is the responsibility of each team to elect its representative.


Article 5 ‑ Executive Officers


The below people will make up the League Executive


Tim West – President – 5740 Stibbard Road, Mississauga ON L5M 5J7

Jamie Desroche – Vice President – 7063 Black Walnut Trail, Mississauga ON L5N 7N6

Kim Gillespie – Treasurer – 723 Ceremonial Drive, Mississauga ON L5R 3S3

Don Bartlett – 174 Niagara Trail, Georgetown ON L7G 0H4

Sacha Poshni – 50 Absolute Ave., Unit 2709, Mississauga ON L4Z 0A8



Article 6 – League Duties


A)                Treasurer/Meeting Coordinator – Kim Gillespie – Direct Hit


Keep an accurate record of all monies received and dispensed through a chartered bank

Prepare a financial statement to be tabled at the annual meeting

The financial year will end on the last day of November of the current year in order to allow time for the Treasurer to complete yearly report

Prepare a budget each March for the upcoming year

Arrange and Chair meetings

Co‑ordinate and approve umpire, city and equipment payments by the league.



B)                 Umpire Liaison – Jamie Desroche - Sliderzz


Will be responsible for coordinating all umpire scheduling and correspondence with the umpire chief as well as negotiating umpire fees


C)        Equipment Manager – Sacha Poshni/Tommy Rodrigues - Broozers


Responsible for purchasing and distributing all equipment including balls, bags, pegs and straps



D)    Banquet


a.       Draft Dodgers – Hall arrangements & ticket printing

b.      Eagles – Banquet MC

c.       Blue Jays – Ticket taking/Door

d.      Bat & Boujee – Prizes


A hall or venue should be booked by the second meeting of the year.




E)         Insurance Coordinator – Don Bartlett  - Taters


Arrange insurance for the league with SPO and provide on line registration with passwords

for all teams. Print off copy of all teams online registration on June 15th deadline and that will be the official team roster for each team which will be given to the registrar. Arrange insurance for league banquet.


F)         Website Manager – Tim West - Dodgers


Maintains website.


The Scheduler would enter entire schedule onto website. (Jamie)

Teams are to enter their own scores within 48 hours of game completion


G)  Rules/ Constitution Coordinator – Kim Gillespie – Direct Hit


Responsible to update the rules and constitution and distribute to all team reps.



H)        City Permit Coordinator – Tim West - Dodgers


Responsible for arranging parks for the season and payment to the City.


I)          Registrar/Recruitment Coordinator – Tim West - Dodgers


Liaison person for persons inquiring about league and player recruitment. Web Site will be basis for number of games each player has played. Score sheets for each team will be required at end of season to verify playoff eligibility. Check for playoff eligibility if required.    


J)         Scheduler – Jamie Desroche - Sliderzz


Responsible to create regular season schedule by mid April and a playoff schedule once the regular season is complete. Responsible for inputting into website.







Article 6a ‑ Incident Committee 


Will consist of five members – 1 chairperson and four other team representatives.

Will review all reported incidents pertaining to rules, insurance claims, umpire complaints, and player conduct.

Responsible to take appropriate actions whether it is rule changes, disciplinary action,

Insurance claims etc..

If one of the baseball teams that is on the incident committee is involved in an incident then that person will not be involved in the decision making.



Article 7 ‑ Executive Meetings


A)        An executive meeting must be attended by a representative from each team.


B)        Every team representative must be given notice of the executive meeting three days before the scheduled executive meeting.


C)        Mississauga Co-Ed Three Pitch League has four meetings during the year. One in February, April, September and October. Our Annual General Meeting is held in February of every year.


D)      Each team representative has a vote on changes that the league wants to implement. See List of contacts and duties which is updated each year at our General Meeting in February.



Article 8 ‑ Special Committees


The executive committee may select members to create special committees as necessary. The special committees shall be entitled to make recommendations on any subject matter but will not be empowered to bind or contract for the league.



Article 9 ‑ Playing Rules


The rules of the SPO Association will govern the rules of play with the exception of special playing rules of the Mississauga Co‑Ed 3‑Pitch League, known as the By‑Laws.




Article 10 ‑ Protests


A)        In the event a game is played under protest conditions, the team that declares the protest shall submit the actual score sheets from both teams, together with a brief written explanation of the protest to the Incident Committee Chairperson within 24 hours. A cheque, payable to the Mississauga Co‑Ed 3‑Pitch League, in the amount of $25.00 is to be received by the Incident Committee within 72 hours.


B)        The incident committee will render a decision within an appropriate period of time and the affected teams will be advised by the chairperson of any rulings and/or decisions made. Should the protest be upheld, the $25.00 will be refunded.


C)        All incident committee's decisions are final.



Article 11 ‑ Umpires


The league will supply umpires. The umpire liaison will be responsible for all aspects of managing the umpires.





Article 12 ‑ Statement of Disillusionment


This statement will serve in the case of dissolution of the league. After payment of all debts and liabilities, the leagues remaining assets shall be distributed or disposed of to the Easter Seal Society. A written notice will also be sent to the City of Mississauga notifying dissolution.



Article 13 ‑ Constitution Changes


Any proposed changes to the Constitution of the Mississauga Co‑Ed 3 Pitch League require an executive vote and requires over 50% of in favor votes to pass. (5 of 8 teams) 


Article 14 ‑ Financial


All cheques, drafts, promissory notes and orders of payments of such will be drawn, accepted or endorsed by two of the three designated officers. The designated officers will be the Treasurer and two other league executives as agreed upon by the league.


The league will only accept cheques or Electronic Money Transfer (EMT). NO CASH !

It is the responsibility of team representatives or special event coordinators to insist upon a  cheque or write the league a cheque for the amount of cash received.

Teams will be responsible for any bank charges plus a $25.00 fine for NSF cheques.

Players or teams may be suspended until paid or ban them from the league with no monies refunded.










By‑Law 1 ‑ Roster of Eligibility


1)         Each team will consist of a minimum of 15 players and a maximum of 25 players.


2)         There will be an age minimum of 18 years old by the first scheduled game.


3)         Players not appearing on a team's SPO roster are not eligible to play. Players also must appear on team’s roster through our website.


4)         To be eligible to play in the play‑offs, a player must have played in a minimum of 10 regular league games.  


Note: Prolonged injury accepted with a doctor's certificate which must be submitted prior to the last executive meeting before playoffs commence.


            Player eligibility will be determined by games played on website BUT each team must be required to submit their score sheets to the registrar at the end of the season for verification if needed.


(a)    A game played is defined as a player who has completed an “at bat.”


5)         In the event of a replacement player due to injury, pregnancy or other substantial reason, that player must:            


(a)        be a registered player on that team's roster;

(b)        have played a minimum of five games to be eligible for playoffs

(c)        be approved by Incident committee.

(vacation is not considered a substantial reason unless the team will forfeit)



Rule will only be implemented if a team roster falls below four eligible women and six eligible men to the fact that if a team is going to forfeit games because they fall below the required number of players and extenuating circumstances will be reviewed.  


6)         A fee will be charged for the current year, to be determined by the executive.


7)         Team rosters with names, addresses, phone numbers and date of birth are to be submitted  as well as the online insurance roster should be completed prior to the commencement of the first scheduled game.


8)         No roster changes after June 15th. (Online rosters with Insurance company will be printed

            and used as each team’s final roster for playoff eligibility)




By‑Law 2 ‑ Game Length


River Grove


Start time ‑ 6:30 p.m. ‑ no inning to start 15 minutes prior to the start of the next game;

Start time ‑ 8:00 p.m. ‑ no inning to start 15 minutes prior to the start of the next game;

Start time ‑ 9:30 p.m. ‑ no inning to start after 10:45



Sunday Afternoon – Mt. Charles – May 27 and June 10


Start time - 1:00 p.m. ‑ no inning to start after 2:00 p.m. - no ball will be pitched after 2:10 p.m.

Start time - 2:15 p.m. ‑ no inning to start after 3:15 p.m. - no ball will be pitched after 3:25 p.m.

Start time - 3:30 p.m. – no inning to start after 4:30 p.m. - no ball will be pitched after 4:40 p.m.

Start time - 4:45 p.m. – no inning to start after 5:45 p.m.-  no ball will be pitched after 5:55 p.m.


Sunday Afternoon – Mt. Charles – June 24


Start time - 1:00 p.m. ‑ no inning to start after 2:15 p.m. - no ball will be pitched after 2:25 p.m.

Start time - 2:30 p.m. ‑ no inning to start after 3:45 p.m. - no ball will be pitched after 3:55 p.m.

Start time - 4:00 p.m. - no inning to start after 5:15 p.m. - no ball will be pitched after 5:25 p.m.



Games are 9 innings if time permits.


Ties are allowed.


Any inning started must finish unless the home team is ahead at the time the game would normally be called due to time.


In the event of stoppage of play (time out, darkness, rain):


1)         Minimum of five (5) innings to be played to be a complete game (4 1/2 if home team is ahead).

2)         1/2 innings to revert to the last full inning.


3)         Plate umpire has the power to award to non‑offending team, the game, if delaying tactics are employed by the other team.





Mercy Rule


A mercy rule will be in effect in any game where a team is ahead by 12 or more runs after the seventh inning. If the home team is ahead, they will not bat in the bottom of the seventh.



Per Inning Run Limit


NEW RULE FOR 2018 – No team may score more than 6 runs in any inning EXCEPT the final inning of the game as identified and announced by the umpire. The final inning would be an “open” inning where an unlimited number of runs could be scored by either team.


In any “non-open” inning, once the 6th run has successfully crossed the home plate line, the inning immediately would come to an end. Umpires to clearly identify what they believe should be declared the “last inning” based on time remaining and announce open inning to both teams.


By‑Law 3 ‑ Cancellations


The decision to cancel any game due to inclement weather conditions or darkness can be made by the umpire at game time. Prior to a game being cancelled, both teams must have a minimum number of players to start the game or default fees will be charged to the offending team. If the umpire deems the field safe to play and one team feels it is unsafe and the other team says it is safe to play, the team that refuses to play they will forfeit the game and the score will be 7-0 but there will be no default charge unless that team does not have enough players to field a team.  If both teams agree that the field is unsafe then a tie will be awarded.




By‑Law 4 ‑ Defaults & Fines


Each team will pay the league a $200.00 deposit as part of the league fees. This money will be refunded at the end of the season less any fines. If a team exceeds $200.00 in fines the team will be expelled from the league and all associated events, no money refunded.


A team can apply to be reinstated if there are extenuating circumstances, which the league will evaluate.


There will be a $50.00 fine imposed on a team if:

1)         No team representative is present at a scheduled executive meeting; or


2)         A team fails to provide the minimal number of players at any scheduled game. This default also results in a 7‑0 score for the non‑offending team;


3)         If the final roster is not completed “on line” by June 15th.


4)         If a player is caught using an illegal bat for the first time a $50 fine will be imposed and offending player is ejected;


5)         If a player is caught using an illegal bat for the second time a $50 fine will be imposed with a three game suspension. Both player and team representative (coach) will be ejected from the game.


6)         If a player is caught using an illegal bat for the third time  (Suspension for the remainder of the season).




There will be a $100.00 fine imposed on a team if:


1)         If team deposits are not paid on time.


2)         Team does not abide by disciplinary action imposed by incident committee.












By‑Law 5 ‑ Number of Players


The number of players playing at any time must conform to one of the following rules:


1)         10 players Minimum 4 females


2)         9 players Minimum 4 females


3)         8 players Minimum 3 females


NOTE: If a team has the required minimum number of players, the game must start at the scheduled time.


By‑Law 6 ‑ Home Team


A)        All games will start at scheduled times. Ten minutes grace from the scheduled starting time will be allowed. Then the game is forfeited and declared a loss, charged against both teams if the situation is warranted.


B)        Home teams must have bases with them at each game. The home team of the first scheduled game must put the bases in the ground. The distance between the bases will be 65 feet. If the designated home team is unable to provide bases, the opposing team becomes the home team. If neither teams have legal bags both teams are charged with a default. Home team must supply a new game ball. Visiting team must supply a second game ball; this ball must be in good shape, but not necessarily a new ball.



By‑Law 7 ‑ Score Sheets


Playoff standings and player eligibility to be determined from website updates. Score sheets for the whole season will be required by registrar if player eligibility is questionable and must be handed in at last executive meeting before playoffs commence.    


By‑Law 8 ‑ Tie Games


Tie games will be allowed during regular season. No extra innings even if time permits.

Rainouts will be considered a TIE during regular season and will not be re-scheduled. Each

Team will receive 1 pt. For standing purposes a win is 2 points and a tie is 1 point.


First Round, Second Round and Final Playoffs- No Ties- if the game is a tie at the end of the regular Game then SPN international rules will apply to break tie.



By‑Law 9 ‑ Batting Order


There cannot be more than two (2) males in a row in the batting order. If this is not possible, then an automatic out must be placed in that spot in the batters' line‑up. If a player has to be removed from the batting order for any reason you must take an automatic out or use the substitution rule.


Additional players may be added to the bottom of your game sheet at any time during the game even if you have already gone through the batting order. The rule above regarding number of males in a row and automatic outs would still apply.  


By‑Law 10 ‑ Uniforms


A)        The umpire will enforce that all players on a team must wear matching jerseys during the game.  Any player not wearing the team jersey (or same colour shirt) will not be permitted to play. 

In the event of a replacement player same colour shirt or team jersey should be worn.


B)        Spikes ‑ Shoes with steel spikes are not allowed.


C)    All teams changing the colour of their uniforms must have them approved by the league.




TEAM                        BASE/STRIPES/TRIM & LOGO

Ezee Sliderzz                Navy Blue Base /White and Red logo

Eagles                          Red Base/ Black Logo

Direct Hit                     Purple/White

Draft Dodgers              Royal Blue Base/ White logo

Blue Jays                      Light Blue Base/ Royal Blue and white logo

Taters                           Forest Green Base/White logo

Broozers                      White Base/Green and Yellow logo

Bat & Boujee               Gray Base/White Logo


By‑Law 11 ‑ Bunting


The batter must take a full swing at the pitch. Bunting is not allowed. If a batter bunts the ball or if they don't take a full swing at the ball, the ball is dead, the batter is out, and the base runners return to their bases.




By‑Law 12 ‑ Pitching


A)        A mandatory pitching rubber to be set 40 feet from the plate. The pitcher must remain behind the rubber once the ball is released. If the pitcher crosses the rubber, the play is dead and the ball is counted as a strike. If it is the third strike, the batter is out.


B)        The team on the offence must supply its own pitcher. If the pitcher comes in contact and/or interferes with the play, the ball is dead, the batter is out and all base runners return to their bases.


C)        There is a maximum of three pitches. (No fourth pitch will be allowed in the event of a foul ball)


D)        The pitcher does not have to be in the batting line up but must be on the team roster.


By‑Law 13 ‑ Fielding


A)        No infielder may position himself in front of the pitcher before the batter makes contact with the ball. If an infielder ends up in front of the pitcher prior to the batter hitting the ball, the batter has the option of a) walking, b) a dead ball and the pitch is re‑pitched or c) letting the play stand.


B)        No outfielder or rover may position themselves on the infield nor can an infielder position themselves on the grass until the batter makes contact with the ball or the batter has the option of a) walking, b) a dead ball and the pitch is re‑pitched or c) letting the play stand.


E)                 No infielder may trade positions with an outfielder (or vice versa) during an inning, except in the case of injury.


F)                 No person in an outfield position (rover or outfielder)  may make a throw on a batter at first base.


By‑Law 14 ‑ Base Protocol


The home team of the first game at a diamond will be responsible for placing the bags out no later than 10 minutes prior to game time. After the game the bags will remain on the diamond and the home team of the second game will give their bags to the home team of the first game. The home team of subsequent games will pass their bags to the home team of the previous game. After the final game the home team will remove the bags.


If a home team does not bring bases the visiting team becomes home team and passes their bases to the previous home team. If neither team has bases both teams are charged with defaults and the home team from the previous game takes their bases.


By‑Law 15 ‑ Fair Ball Line


The fair ball line is a semi‑circle drawn at 30 feet from home plate between the pitcher's mound and home plate, and is treated in the same manner as the foul ball line, i.e. any ball that stops or is touched before crossing the line is a foul ball.


By‑Law 16 ‑ Foul Tips


There is no height restriction on foul balls; any foul tip caught is an out.



By‑Law 17 ‑ First Base


A)        All runners must turn to the right, into the foul territory if they are not trying to run to second base. The base runner must have full intention of going to second base in order for him/her to be tagged out and this will be at the umpire's discretion.


B)        The safety first base bag will be positioned with the white bag in fair territory and the orange bag in foul territory.


C)        On an infield ground ball, the base runner should touch the orange bag, the defending team should touch the white bag. Only when there is interference could the runner be called out for touching the white bag, or the runner will be called safe because the defending team touched the orange bag.


By‑Law 18 ‑ Anticipation


There is no lead offs, anticipation or base stealing allowed. The base runner's foot must remain on the bag until the ball is hit. If the runner's foot leaves the bag and the batter does not make contact with the ball, the base runner is automatically out and the pitch is declared a no pitch and all base runners to return to their original base.


By‑Law 19 ‑ Commitment Line


Once a runner has passed the "30 foot commitment line" they cannot return to third base. They must cross the "home plate line" before the defensive player has the ball on home plate or the runner will be called out. The defensive player must have control of the ball and be touching home plate before the runner crosses the "home plate line" to force the runner out. The defending team cannot tag the runner out between the "30 foot line" and the "home plate line". If the defending team tags or tries to tag the runner, the runner is considered safe.

If the runner crosses the no return line, without tagging up, and the fly ball is caught, the runner cannot return to third base and will be called out.


By‑Law 20 ‑ Suspensions


Suspension for unsportsmanlike conduct will be at the discretion of the umpire or the incident committee.


1st Occurrence: Individual suspended for the balance of the game, plus the next scheduled game.


2nd Occurrence: Individual suspended for the balance of the game, plus the next three scheduled games.


3rd Occurrence: Individual suspended for the balance of the season including play‑offs. There will be a minimum suspension of ten games. If there are not ten games left in the season, the individual will be suspended for the beginning games of the next season until they have suspended for the ten game maximum.


SUSPENSIONS MUST BE REPORTED BY THE UMPIRE TO THE CHIEF UMPIRE, WHO, IN TURN, SHALL REPORT TO THE INCIDENT COMMITTEE. The above rules are the minimum suspension rules. The incident committee may review a suspension for further disciplinary action, if required.


By‑Law 21 ‑ Alcohol


There will be no drinking (alcohol) by players during the game, on the field at any time; defending team, batter, runners or base coaches or on the benches.


Please note that if you are caught by a Parks and Rec Official or by a Law Enforcement Officer, this may result in the league's permits being revoked; so please use your discretion.


The umpires are going to strictly enforce no drinking during the games. If you are caught drinking during the game or appear intoxicated you will be ejected from the game. The umpires would also like to keep the drinking away from the diamonds before or in between games for teams who have games yet to play. If you are going to indulge in such activities (which the league does not condone) please keep your coolers and beverages well away from the diamonds and bleachers. Drinking in the park is illegal. What teams do after their games is up to them.


By‑Law 22 ‑ Play‑Offs


The playoff format is best 2 out of 3 game elimination format.


Based on an 8 team league


First Round Playoffs  

1st place team in regular season standings versus  8th place team in regular season standings

2nd place team in regular season standings versus 7th place team in regular season standings

3rd place team in regular season standings versus 6th place team in regular season standings

4th place team in regular season standings versus 5th place team in regular season standings


*Time limits apply in First Round of Playoffs. There will be no ties in the First Round

of Playoffs and International Tie Breaker rule will apply   



Semi Finals Playoffs will also be the best 2 out of 3 game elimination format. The highest seeded teams remaining would play the lowest seeded teams remaining. Highest seeded teams will have home field advantage if third game is required. 9 Innings will be played for the Semi Finals. There will be no ties in Semi Finals and International Tie Breaker rule will apply   


Finals will also be the best 2 out of 3 game elimination format. The highest seeded team will have home field advantage if third game is required. 9 Innings will be played for the Finals. There will be no ties in Finals and International Tie Breaker rule will apply. Two umpires will be required for the Final Playoff Games.


**NOTE Semi Finals and Final Playoff  games wills start at 7:00pm and 8:30pm**


Should there be rainouts and playoffs have to be scheduled beyond the date of our baseball permits allotted by the City of Mississauga (usually the last Tuesday in September ), the league has agreed to contact the City of Mississauga for permission to play extra weeks and if necessary pay extra fee if required by the City of Mississauga so we can finish playoff schedule. 


By‑Law  23 ‑ Courtesy Runners


Each team will be allowed four (4) courtesy runners per game. Note that a courtesy runner does not have to be the last out, nor a different runner each time, but it does have to be the same gender and be in the current game line up.


Emergency Courtesy Runner – Only used in case of injury in the game after the four courtesies have already been used. (Agreed to upon Team Captains discretion)



By‑Law 24 – Bats


Bats must be on the Legal Bat List in order If a player/team is found to be using an unapproved bat, please see By-Law 4 number #4, #5 and #6 for fines and suspensions. If a bat does not appear on the Legal Bat List a team/player must submit a request to the Tim West indicating make and model number for investigation. The league will attempt to keep an up‑to‑date list of legal bats for teams to reference. The list of acceptable bats are posted to the website. It is the responsibility of the team representative to ensure a banned bat is not used.



By‑Law 25 ‑ Home Run Rule


A 2‑plus maximum rule has been implemented. A team can only have two more home runs than the opposing team. Any home run hit beyond the two‑plus rule will count as an out. If the home run is hit on the third pitch it will be considered an out. If a ball is touched by a defensive player than deflected over the fence, it will not count towards the team’s home run total.



By‑Law 26 ‑ Game Ball


A yellow 12" Worth Gray Dot ball will be used for all male batters. A yellow Worth Green Dot 11” ball will be used for all female batters. Ladies have the option of hitting the men’s ball if they desire. Pitchers will need to indicate to the defensive team if they will be pitching a 12” ball to a female player.


Home team is to supply a brand new 12” men’s ball for each game played. A new 11” ladies ball will be supplied by the home team of the first game of the night on each diamond, and will be used for the duration of all games.


By-Law 27 – Jewelry


Jewelry is permitted to be worn during gameplay. Players and team reps are asked to use their discretion on what jewelry should be worn during gameplay (ie. Hoop earrings or large exposed necklaces should be discouraged). Team reps have the right to engage with the other team rep and umpire if a certain player is wearing what would be deemed as excessive and unsafe jewelry.