PVBL 2019 Summer JAM Tournament Results

The PVBL 2019 Annual Summer JAM tournament was a success and the teams were outstanding in many cases. 


PVBL 2019 Annual Summer Jam Tournament

  Champions Runner-Ups
Girls 3rd/4th Grad Division Team Sol - Wallace PPA Hoops - Matar
Girls 5th Grade Division Team Sol - Wise WV Soldiers - Dandridge
Girls 6st/7th Grade Division WV Soldiers - Dandridge VA Hurricanes - Scarcella
Boys 7th/8th Grade Division Germantown Heat - Mayo Team Respect - Collins
Boys H.S. Division Sykesville Thunder - Wunder MoCo Warriors 2020 - Stephens


 TeamSol 3rd/4th Grade Summer Jam Champs  TeamSol 5th Grade Summer Jam Champs  

 WV Soldiers 6th/7th Grade Summer Jam Champs

 Germantown Heat 7th/8th Grade Summer Jam Champs  Sykesville Thunder H.S. Div Summer Jam Champs



We would like to thank all of the following teams for participating:


Bowie Bulldogs - Sutton   Sykesville Thunder - Wunder
Darnestown Cougars - Bishop   Team Onyx - Jackson
Edge Bulldogs - Rob   Team Respect - Collins
Germantown Heat - Mayo   Team Respect - Hynes
MoCo Lady Warriors - Stephens   Team Respect - Lesniak
MoCo Warriors - MS - Stephens   Team Sol - Wallace
MoCo Warriors JV - Johnson   Team Sol - Wise
MoCo Warriors Varsity - Stephens   TRUTH - Johnson
Playmakers Elite Lady Bears 6th - Overton   VA Hurricanes - Scarcella
Potomac Valley Thunder 2028 - Scott   Virginia Hurricanes Orange - Lomas
PPA Hoops - Matar   WV Soldiers - Dandridge
Skills & Skrimmages - Sheridan   WV Soldiers - Dandridge (5)