The " Pay to Participate" program is designed to help defray the costs of the athletic program. The cost is $200.00 for the first sport per athlete at the high school and $150.00 for the first sport per athlete at the junior highs. The cost per athlete for additional sports is $50.00 per sport. Participants must pay their fee prior to the first contest. Students, who pay the fee and then decide not to stay with the team, do get a refund if they leave the team prior to the first contest.

The money is used to pay coaches salaries and to purchase necessary supplies and equipment. The fee does not cover all of those expenses, the Board contributes some money to the athletic department, and other money is secured through gate receipts, fund raising activities, and donations.

The athletic program is expensive to operate. Last year the athletic program cost over 1 million dollars to operate. We have made cuts to the program this year to reduce the cost, but with the number of programs we offer the cost is still high. We believe extracurricular activities are important to the growth and development of young people and through the different funding programs (including Pay to Participate), we are continuing to offer a quality program to all who choose to participate