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October 5, 2019

In our efforts to have one of the finest softball fields in Monroe County we are having a softball field cleanup day and making some improvements to the field on Saturday October 12th   starting at 9am 

Things we need to get done on Saturday are: 

 1.      Weed the warning track before we spread the new warning track mix

2.      Spread the New Warning Track Mix

3.      Weed Eater the fence

4.      Pitching Practice Mounds – Reset the mounds and home plates

5.      New Practice Hitting Area – Spread the new infield mix

6.      Infield – Spread the new infield mix


Items we will need for Saturday:  rake to move the infield mix, Shovels and 1-2 wheel barrels.



Please make every effort to try to help out on Saturday.  The more help we have the faster we’ll get done



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