Below are a few new standards and an outline on what to do when your team needs to forfeit a game within 24 hours of game time.  In cases when a late forfeiture happens the forfeiting  team will be required to pay $40 before their next game can be played.

1. Text or call Greg Post and/or Becky Caffrey to alert us that you have to forfeit the game. Please avoid email in these emergency forfeiture situations.

2. Text and call the opposing coach(s). If you have a double header please text BOTH coaches. All coaches contact information is listed under the team info on the website. (choose the Team/Rosters option and select the division and team you are looking for)

3. If you are the opposing coach, please do your best to reply and confirm that you received the info and you understand the game is forfeited.

Below are Greg and Becky's cell phone numbers. If you don’t already have these, make sure you add them to your contacts now.

Greg – 203-427-5377

Becky - 203-228-9812

Greg DOES NOT get emails on his phone and leaves work by 4pm. So please call or text at all times when something needs immediate attention. Also, please try to not have full voicemail boxes. The league and teams are unable to leave messages when needed.


Thank you everyone! If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.