5 Burning Questions With Sean Flynn

by Eddie Kalegi @EddieKalegi


Skepticism and concern reached its zenith among the MLW faithful when Cobras manager and ace pitcher Drew Davis announced yet another wholesale roster change. Departing were Jack Krause, Andy Durand, and Mitch Marvin, all of whom had been instrumental in their 2017 American League title and near World Series win. Replacing them were Brendan Schultz, the lesser-known of that elite wiffleball family, Adam Szerlag, the older brother of the reigning AAA MVP, and a little known high schooler by the name of Sean Flynn.


During the first two series of the season, Flynn consistently found himself on base, particularly via the walk. But recently against the Wildcats, the Rookie of the Year candidate broke out in a huge way, mashing 6 homeruns (4 off Kyle Schultz), en route to a Cobras series win. I had the opportunity to talk to the all star who has taken the league by storm in the first edition of 5 Burning Questions.

1. How did you find out about the MLW, and talk about your journey to join the league?


“I’ve always known about MLW, and have watched it for years. I made it to the league because Drew Davis was in my high school class, and I knew he was the Cobras manager, so we talked about MLW a little and he knew I had a baseball background, so one day he messaged asking to play… and that’s how I got into the league.”

2. Your first 2 series were highlighted by walks; did you change your approach en route to hitting 6 homeruns against the Wildcats, or did you just feel more comfortable to swing the bat against them?


“I honestly didn’t change much in my approach, I felt good in batting practice and I guess it transferred to the series.”

3. What is a little known fact about you?


“I have an identical twin brother.”

4. You can go to the restaurant of your choice with 2 famous people of your choice; what restaurant, what 2 people, and why?


“Easily Buffalo Wild Wings with Kevin Hart and Steph Curry... ‘B-dubs’ is so good, Kevin hart is funny, and Steph Curry is one of my favorite basketball players.”

5. Can the Coastal Cobras Win the 2019 MLW World Series?


“For sure; if Drew is on his game, he is very hard to touch.”


Flynn took action in the 2019 All Star game, becoming the first rookie All-Star MLW has seen since Andy Durand did so with the Cobras in 2017.