MoCo Warriors 2020 go to NTBA Nationals and Represent Montgomery County!

July 7, 2018


MoCo Warriors 2020 went to the NTBA Nationals July 7-11, 2018 in Myrtle Beach, SC as the only 10th Grade team from Montgomery County, and amazed everyone.  We went with 7 (Jaylen, Maximus, Desmond, Chris, Shamar, Isaiah and Samaj) along with two coaches (Coach Kerwin and Coach Bill). We went with all intention to play in the Silver Division of Nationals, but the boys did so well in Pool play, finishing 2nd Place (2-1), that the boys took the bid into the Gold Division.  The boys were defeated in the 2nd round of the Gold Division.  But they played amazingly throughout the tournament.  

MoCo Warriors 2020 - NTBA Nationals 
If you would like to see a few of the games please use the following links:
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