MoCo Warriors successful off the Court and in Court!


MoCo Warriors awarded judgements against Larry Payne (dba United Hoops Unlimited)!


MoCo Warriors took multiple teams into the United Hoops Unlimited Winter League (Owned by Larry Payne and ran by the Paynes) in 2017.  After 9 weeks and paying them in full, the League failed to play more than 1/2 of the games and shut down the league without refunding money accordingly.  This impacted both the organization and the players as we went weeks without games in a season that was to prepare us for the upcoming Spring Travel season.  MoCo Warriors was forced to seek alternate tournaments in order to complete the season and give the players (children) what their parents paid for and what they worked hard for.  With no sympathy or satisfaction from the Paynes who ran this league and basically went off with the organizations money and didn't give them what they had paid for!  BBB currently has them as an F rating with multiple unresolved complaints.  


MoCo Warriors had to take them to court and in August 2018 was successful in the District Court of Maryland in getting a judgement against Larry Payne (DBA United Hoops Unlmtd) and in September 2018 was successful in getting a larger judgement against Larry Payne (dba United Hoops Unlimited).  


Hopefully these judgements send a message to United Hoops Unlimited in the future and lets them know that they shouldn't be out their taking money without providing the services.