Champions of ZG's 76ERS FIELDHOUSE FINALE Tournament

June 9, 2019

190609 Champions Congratulations MoCo Warriors (4-0) on doing what seemed impossible. Only 5 players played this weekend in Zero Gravity's 76ERS FIELDHOUSE FINALE Tournament in Delaware. Odds were against them, the referees didn't think they would last out, much less dominate the floor the way they did. And without any hesitation they hit the floor running in every game. To finish pool play in 1st place then to go on and win the Championship. Coach Kerwin Stephens, was honored to coach Samaj Smith, Jaylen Stephens, Chris Mills, Robert Mozie and Antonio Brown, The Boys were amazing and running on all cylinders. The completed the tournament by taking the championship by over 20. The boys ran the entire game without loosing stride or missing a beat. All areas of the game were on point. 5 boys acting as one makes success.

We were able to visit Bethel A.M.E. Wilmington Delaware service while we were in town on Sunday morning before our championship game. The service was in a H.S. due to their Church being unavailable. The boys seem to have also taken something out of it. I'd like to thank the members of the church for being so open to us.