From the League By-Laws

1. Every school must provide home/cell/school/ phone numbers for each coach/team. The roster for each team must be sent to the league by the end of September. Failure to submit team rosters by the end of September will result in game forfeits until roster is submitted. Each head coach, Athletic Director (AD), and school principal must sign each roster.

When the head coach, AD, and school principal sign the roster form, they are certifying that their team adheres to the following League Eligibility Policy (as documented in the League By-Laws).

2. Players, who reach the age of 15 before September 1st, are ineligible to play. No one registered above 8th grade may participate in league games. All players must be a student at the school they represent. The use of an ineligible player will result in a forfeit for any game he/she played in and may result in further disciplinary action as determined by the MOCPSL Board.