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Boys and Girls      Ages: 10 thru 18


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Momentum Youth Track Club is designed to develop and empower young boys and girls through the sport of track & field.  Prepare and propel them to strive for excellence in their personal life endeavors; on and off the track. We practice, teach, and model fundamental track & field principles to enhance and develop their individual skills and abilities.  We encourage a spirit of competitiveness, which fosters positive work ethics, discipline, teamwork, and respect for the sport, themselves, and their competitors. 


Our family-oriented cultural strives to invest in building relationships with the family as a whole unit. Momentum Youth Track Club is an organization we consider as a platform to aid in the inspiration, growth and success of future opportunities in the young lives we touch. 


Our final and most important dynamics to this organization is to develop the “total person.” We do this through modeling Godly principles-our faith in Christ; our motivation and foundation.  Through our coaching/mentoring each athlete effectively and according to their unique personalities and gifts, their personal, educational, athletic, health, nutrition and fitness goals can come live.  


As we impact our future leaders, we strive to develop partnerships with local school districts and collegiate level track & field programs, and community service opportunities so they have a healthy and balanced outlook on various opportunities awaiting them.  This also helps Momentum Youth Track Club remain an integral, impactful and relevant part in the lives of our youth and community.