Next-gen Tennis League is a new tennis league in Canada. Our league is unique and serves a great purpose to the local competitive tennis community. The league is based on the UTR (Universal Tennis Rating) which allows players to compete in competitive matches and improve their rating. This provides an opportunity for former college players and pros to stay involved in the competitive scene as well as providing an opportunity for aspiring juniors and current pro players to compete close to home. Most importantly, it provides our developing juniors exposure and a pathway to maximize their UTR rating in order to pursue US College opportunities without all the traveling expenses involved in pursuing an ITF ranking.


In this league, we start with 6 teams - each owned and sponsored by a local business. Each team will consist of a head coach and an owner who will decide on a strategy to select the best possible team. A draft event will be hosted prior to the commencement of the league where teams will be selected based on the players registered. The picking order for the first two rounds will be determined by a bid, followed by random order.


To give you perspective on the cost, the league will be about what it would cost for you to take one private lesson a week. Players who compete in the top 2 positions on their team will compete for money each week with the winner taking home more than the loser. All matches will be posted on the UTR rating platform and will affect one's UTR rating. All teams will have an on-court coach and a referee will be on-site for each team match. Matches will take place on Saturday evening or Sunday's late afternoon for approximately 3.5 to 4 hours. The playing format will have players take part in 1 set of doubles and 2 out of 3 sets for singles - the same format that is used in the NCAA.


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