2019 Trailblazer Series


From April 11 – April 14, MLB and USA Baseball will be hosting the 2019 Trailblazer Series for girls ages 11-13. This event will provide high quality instruction, games, and educational opportunities for participants. It will take place at the Major League Baseball Compton Youth Academy.

For more information and to access the application, please visit the following link:




The event application is due on February 14, 2019.


International players are welcome to apply, though spots are limited. If you are applying from outside of the United States, please pick any state when prompted in the application and write where you live later in the application when you have the opportunity. All players’ expenses are covered.


If your child is 14 years old or older, she may be eligible to play in the 2019 Breakthrough Series. Information about this event will be released in the upcoming months and is scheduled for mid-June. Additionally, the application for the High School Girls Baseball Invitational is open. The deadline is January 18, 2019. The application can be accessed through the following link:




Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.


All the best,


Elizabeth Benn

Coordinator – Labor, Diversity, and Youth Programs

Office of the Commissioner of Major League Baseball

(212) 931-7425


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