AGM Minutes - August 29, 2016

AGM Minutes - August 30, 2017









August 30, 2017

Start Time

6:30 pm

Meeting Place

Sackville Sports Stadium

End Time

8:30 pm




President - Brooke Robinson

1st Vice President – Angela Colville

Chief Statistician – Carolyn Arsenault

Member at Large – Rosie Bona

Recruitment and Placement Officer – Brooke Greenwood

Registrar – Julie Small

Secretary – Paula Raymond

Treasurer – Pam Stevens


Competitive Rep - Alex Clodd

Intermediate A Rep - Bev Read

Intermediate B Rep - Tracey Mulder

Recreation Rep - Sue Martin




2nd Vice President – Teri Pottie

Intermediate C Rep – Vacant



 Intermediate D (APS) Rep - Vacant










1.  Confirmation of Quorum


Roll call


All teams represented.


2. Introduction of Executive


President – Brooke Robinson

1st Vice President - Angela Colville

2nd Vice President – Teri Pottie not present, Brooke advised Teri volunteered for the position after the end of season meeting

Chief Statistician – Carolyn Arsenault

Member at Large – Rosie Bona

Recruitment and Placement Officer – Brooke Greenwood

Registrar – Julie Small

Secretary – Paula Raymond

Treasurer - Pam Stevens


3.  Approval of Agenda


Agenda distributed via email September 25


Motioned by Bev Read to accept the agenda as circulated

Seconded by Laura Hendrie

Motion voted and approved


4.  Approval of Previous



Minutes from End of Season Meeting June 1 distributed July 18


Motioned by Grace Gillis to accept the minutes as circulated

Seconded by Laura Hendrie  

Motion voted and approved


5.  Business/Actions Arising         from Previous Minutes


Review survey results


Brooke heard from 2/3 of the teams, would still like to hear from the remainder. Highlights:

-       Positive feedback on round robin playoff format, it will be maintained

-       Majority would like to use the shortest bench during a shootout in playoffs

-       Prize suggestions – skate towel, gift cards, water bottles, will be forwarded to Rosie

-       Against using call ups during playoffs

-       Mostly positive response to crossovers

-       Overall, referees were okay, most complaints were regarding laziness and referees not taking the game seriously. Brooke asked for specific complaints during the season to be sent to her and she will send them to the referee in chief to deal with

-       No support to join Hockey NS, no further action will be taken

-       Some interest in looking for new players, teams asked to contact Brooke G for names


Any other major info from last minutes is scheduled later in the agenda


6.  Election of new Executive Officer/sub committees


Looking for:


Members for the Playoff Committee – Susan Butler, Louann Doyle


Members of the Disciplinary Committee – Alex Clodd (Competitive), Heather Fraser Intermediate A), Laura Hendrie (Intermediate B), Mel Mills (Recreation)


Members of the Recruitment and Placement Committee – felt by Brooke G that it is not required


Members of the Constitution Committee – Laurie Hendrie, Paula Raymond, Carolyn Arsenault, Angela Colville


Members of the Sponsorship Committee – no interest


Stats Reps for inputting stats for each Division – Michelle Gray, Tina Dixon



Division Reps:


Competitive Division – Alex Clodd


Intermediate A – Bev Read


Intermediate B - Katelyn Josey


Recreation Division – Christine Hirsch



7. Teams


Last Year’s Teams:


Competitive Division






Intermediate A

Eastern Shore

Hubcraft Hawks

ProCresting Elks



Intermediate B


Conrad Cougars





Intermediate C

Accel Physio Shenanigans

APS Believe

APS Warriors



Intermediate D (APS)

Assante Rockets



West Hants

Recreation Division

Impact (previously Ama la Vida Hericanes)


Rinkin Havoc



South Shore


There were two teams who contacted Brooke with interest in joining the league but they decided not to commit.


8. Discipline

2nd VP- Teri

Not present. She will be working with the Disciplinary Committee when the need arises.



9.  Divisions


1st VP-Angela

Changes to Divisions/Tiers:


Competitive and Recreation Divisions will remain the same.


Intermediate A and B will merge, with the exception of the Flyers, and become Intermediate A.


Intermediate C and D will merge and the Flyers will join, to become Intermediate B.


Angela explained the rationale for the changes; loss of a team from last year, travel, level of play throughout Divisions. Not everyone will be happy with the outcome but the executive felt it was the fairest way to do it.


There was a question if the schedule/teams will be looked at for the playoffs, Brooke advised it is for the regular season.


There was a question if the top team in the Division after playoffs should move up a Division but the executive felt that the playoffs are not indicative of the regular season and a team shouldn’t be moved based on the playoff outcome.


Brooke said she will send more info on the Elite B team and call up of players wanting to play more competitively.

















Oct 1 Brooke

10.  Ice bookings

1st VP-Angela

Ice starting October 12

Angela advised the schedule will not be ready before October 1.


There was a request that no games be scheduled on November 11. Angela will look into it.


Update on whether or not Bowles and Gray arenas will be open this coming season

Bowles and Gray Arenas will not be used this year and will be replaced by the new fourplex in Dartmouth.


Survey results regarding number of games teams want to play and cost

Total number of games will remain at 24 with a duration of 1½ hours.


Advise Angela asap of any tournaments your team is participating in.

Oct 1 Angela

11.  Budget


Review and pass

Pam advised the budget will be the same this year as last year.

Submit registration asap, teams will not be playing until their registration is paid.


Sue Martin motioned to accept the budget as circulated

Crystal Taylor seconded the motion

Motion voted and approved


12. New Player Placement

Recruitment & Placement Officer-Brooke

Teams looking for players please email


Brooke G was contacted by one team looking for players and 15 players looking for teams, no Competitive teams were requested. She is finding it difficult to place players based on the information they provide.


Brooke G suggested that they can sign up as spares to see if they fit on a team, but it may be too long before they find a suitable team. There was a suggestion for new players to play during the summer league to determine their level or to play during an exhibition game that some teams have scheduled.

Brooke G will be in contact to try and place them.














Oct 1 Brooke G

13. Registrar report


The new website is set up for registration for players to register individually. Team reps will identify themselves as such and all other team members, whether players or coaches, will register as players.


Please advise Julie:


- who the bench staff is/are so that she can notify Scott for insurance rates.

- if you changed your email from last year. Your email address is the unique identifier that is associated to your name.

- if you are associated to Colchester Women’s Hockey or any minor hockey, insurance rates will differ.

- if your birthday is incorrect on your online registration.

- if your name has changed since you last registered.


Julie will send an email with information for registration.   











Sept 15 Julie

14. Chief Statistician

Chief Statistician-Carolyn

Carolyn asked that

-       all submitted game sheets be legible.

-       ensure players names match their registered names.

-       clearly mark call ups/across with a “CU” or “CA” after their name

-       email sheets sooner rather than later after a game, before the maximum 72 hrs

-       mail in the game sheet no later than a week after the game or leave it at BMO. Carolyn will try to get to BMO at least once a week and will follow up if they are not received.

-       if labels are used, put one on each of the three pages and ensure they are all the same.


Carolyn will be following up with game sheets that are not submitted correctly or late and after a warning teams could be fined for subsequent infractions.


Teams are asked to retain their copies of game sheets for verification purposes if required during playoffs for eligibility of players.



15. Sponsorship


Brooke has letters outlining benefits of sponsorship if anyone would like to solicit league sponsors.


16. Playoffs


April 4-8 at BMO Arena. Rosie will follow up with the Playoff Committee for planning purposes.




17. Constitution Changes


1)Consequences of teams not paying registration on time (Nov 22 Pam/Brooke).


Motioned by Paula that teams not be permitted to play until their full registration is paid. Any team that plays a league game without full paid registration will forfeit that game and any players on the opposing team will get credit for the game.

Seconded by Laurie Hendrie

Motion voted and approved


2)If substitute goalies are to be used they will be called up from a lower division team, especially in the case of a crossover game between two different divisions. If a goalie cannot be found from a lower division then a goalie from the same division can be called across. Only as a last resort can a goalie be called down from a higher division. (Feb 6) By-Law II Section V


Motioned by Brooke that if a substitute goalie is to be used she will be called up from a lower division team or called across from the same division. Only as a last resort can a goalie be called down from a higher division.

Seconded by Grace Gillis

Motion voted and approved


3)Consequences of violation of exemptions during playoffs. By-Law VII Section 1 Subsection 8

-       Executive proposes that a team that uses an illegal player during playoffs will forfeit the game 3 to zero (July 18)


Motioned by Brooke that a team that uses an illegal player during playoffs will forfeit the game 3 to zero, or by the score that is most advantageous to the non offending team.

Seconded by Carly Haynes

Motion voted and approved









4)Call ups/call across players being used during playoffs. By-Law VII Section 1 Subsection 7

-       Executive proposes that teams be allowed to call up/call across only goalies during play offs, no to skaters. (July 18)


Motioned by Carly Haynes that teams not be allowed to call up/across skaters during playoffs and that the call up/across of goalies is permitted.

Seconded by Crystal Taylor

Motion voted and approved


5)Clarification of playoff shoot out rules – shortest bench or full team. By-Law VII Section 1 Subsection 10

-       Executive proposes that in shoot outs you can start recycling your shooters based on the team with the shortest bench (July 18)


Motioned by Laura Hendrie that during a shoot out in playoffs the team with the shortest bench determines the number of shooters before a team can recycle through shooters who have already shot

Seconded by Carly Haynes

Motion voted and approved


Please see attached suggested changes to constitution Angela has submitted.

The Constitution Committee will meet to discuss further amendments.


There was a question as to whether or not there was a limit to the number of games a call up/across player can play. Brooke advised there wasn’t but that if there is a concern throughout the season to let her know.


Motioned by Paula that a team must select a player for a call up/across player from the appropriate Division from a list of players maintained by the executive and not by the Recruitment and Placement Officer as indicated in the Constitution (By-Law II Section V)

Seconded by Brooke

Motion voted and approved




18. New Business


Contact info for Executive and Division Reps and Call ups

Please provide current information to the executive so that contact information can be distributed appropriately for cancellations, website, call up list, etc. Phone numbers will not be added to the website.

Brooke received a written request from KidSport to donate $300 to a child.


Motioned by Brooke to donate $300 to KidSport and specify it is for a female player.

Seconded by Grace Gillis

Motion voted and approved


Brooke to send a cheque to KidSport with a request to support a female player.


Brooke informed the group that Cindy Kane, who had been involved as a player with NSWHL for several years passed away suddenly last week. Paula suggested that a donation of $100 be made to the charity of choice and there was agreement and support from the group.


Pam will send a cheque to Integrity’s Haven Equine (Animal) Rescue Group.


Motioned by Sue Martin to adjourn

Seconded by Alex Clodd

Motion voted and approved










Sept 15 Brooke






Sept 15 Pam




NEXT MEETING: End of Season Meeting 2018