My name is Cassie Bosworth and I’m with the charity, the Grindstone Award Foundation. We were so blessed last year when we had unexpected donations come in from girls and women’s hockey teams wanting to support other girls who don’t have the means the to play. It was because of this support that 30 girls across Canada were able to play hockey last year.

We loved what these teams were doing and were honored by their donations to us to help other girls play. We don’t want teams who want to support us in this way miss out on the opportunity to join in.

The Grindstone is currently running a campaign called Help Her Play with great anticipation and the dream of supporting 50 girls this year. We would love it if you would pass the message along to your team managers or through your social media/e-newsletter channels about this opportunity to help girls play.

Here is a direct link to our campaign video on Facebook that you can share:https://www.facebook.com/grindstoneawardfoundation/videos/2091099031007429/

We appreciate and value all of your efforts wholeheartedly.
With our best regards and high hopes,




Cassie Bosworth