Visit Our Table Hockey Friends Across North America

October 13, 2014



Table Hockey is other people.  Do you realize that  when you show up at a league or tournament  by doing so you are providing a fellow player an opportunity to play the sport he loves?  Its true!  NY City Table Hockey exists for the players in NY and across the country  to come and meet up with others who just  want to play table hockey.  And we always have fun doing it. 

 click on this link for a brief history of the s-slot by AJ Sarma

Here are some of our friends who have supported us in the past and continue to do so (although I'd love to see them in November and December).  If you cannot make it to Coney Island (really?  c'mon Man!) then support your local table hockey organization--or better yet-- step up and organize a league or tournament yourself!  The most credibility anyone can create for themselves is by organizing a league or a tournament in the town they live in.  Everything else is just talk--and we all know what talk is worth! 

This list is partial and if you want to be included on it, simply email and you will be on the list! the latest in custom coleco games . . . great league and super tournament! the old games . . . made anew!  Aj takes vintage stock and weaves it into gold. if you want to play on all the old games in a laid-back atmosphere, get to Marysville! well-run, flat-out fun--the most fun thing about Hershey is this league!  need a stiga game?  Parts?  Visit Len.  He does things right. The Michelangelo of Table Hockey, Rick Benej builds great games. Brings table hockey to the world.  Custom coleco Canada style--games made by the champs in Montreal.  Watch out for The Animal!

www.nthl.cahttp:/ Simply the best tournament circuit for custom coleco; three stops in the U.S. PP2, Stiga, Custom Coleco, the boys up in and around Toronto talkin' table hockey. Visit the Forum.  One of the coolest multi board leagues going--for over 30 years. Another multi-game league in Pennsylvania. So you want to make a schedule, do ya?  I know that guy!  He is always sayin "If you want to play table hockey, all you have to do is email."