Classic League 2015 Date IV Was A Ripsnorter!

Boy Howdy!  Classic League Date IV was one heck of an affair!  Seven players showed up and rocked out Coney Island to the tune of a whopping 6.59 GPG, 9 OT in 42 round robin and 16 playoff matches.  When 25% of your playoff matches end up in overtime, you are one fiercely competitive league, folks, and this league date just goes to show that if you show up, you will have a truly exciting and fun day.  To the particulars:

LD once again saves his best for the playoffs, winning one match out of twelve in the round robin, then reeling off 2 out of 3 to eliminate NYCTHA Original James.  But LD was not finished yet, losing 5-6 in OT to John F., and then losing another one goal match 1-2 to be eliminated.  Why LD cannot bring his playoff fight to the round robin is a mystery, but boy is he a tough out in the playoffs! 

Classic League rookie The Vinner finished 9-3 and eliminated John F. in a whopper of a playoff series after John F. won a dogfight 4-3 to force a third match.  Vinner advanced to the final JP had to force OT in game one after JP got the puck past his goalie with one tick left on the clock; then it took another 5-4 bloodbath to keep the Hungry Vinner down to 2nd for another league date.  With one regular season date left (March 21st) The Vinner is running out of chances if he wants to achieve that most coveted of Table Hockey achievements:  win a NYCTHA Classic League date. 

Anthony came back from down 0-1 to win 2 in a row and eliminate his protégé Moussa "The Cleaver."  John F fought back and won third from battered Anthony.  It was a truly thrilling league date.  Get in the picture! Join us Saturday March 21st.  All you have to do is email


League Date IV Final Standings


Player            MP  W L T Pts %   GF GA   Dif  GFPG  GAPG  
JP   12 11 1 0 22 .916   55 25   30    4.58  2.08