Hello and welcome to season four of Pembroke Over-30 Co-Ed Softball.
Our season will begin on Sunday, May 1st and run through Sunday, June 26th. The start of the games will be 10 a.m. and we'll again have six teams on the three high school fields.
This season you'll have the option of buying a new shirt/hat or paying $20 less and using the same shirt/hat you've used in the past. The shirts will be the same dry-fit shirts that we had last season. When filling out the online registration, please make sure that you pick the correct option and don't fill out your shirt size if you don't plan on getting/paying for one and vice-versa. The cost this season is $60 for people that don't want new shirts/hats and $80 for those that do.
 We may have a few spots to fill once the sign-up period ends but we'll go to the waiting list first and then if there's more people needed, we'll open it up.
We are looking for a few umpires. If you know somebody that might be interested, please have them send us an email. Lastly, we'll be holding a meeting with players and coaches from all six teams to solidify a couple of the rules, policies etc. to make sure that we're all on the same page.
This is the link to sign-up. Please sign up as soon as possible so that we can determine if we need more players and so that we can have time to order shirts/hats.
Thanks and looking forward to a fun season.
Matt York and Patrick Chilcott