Hello all,

We will begin our season this Sunday. The schedule and rules are posted on the website (under handouts). Due to somebody ripping up the back field of the high school with a dirt bike, we've been asked to stay off that field for a few more weeks. The three fields we will be using to start the season are the baseball field, the middle field at the high school and the field behind the middle school. As soon as we get clearance from the town, we'll begin using the back field at the high school and stop using the baseball field.

This week's games are the following:

Safety Yellow (Kenny) hosts Team Blue (Chilcott) at baseball field (located at Pembroke High School.

Green (Hill) hosts Orange (York) at Middle School (located at Pembroke Middle School on Route 27)

Red (Quatrale) hosts Black Ice (Phillips) at Middle Field. (located beyond the baseball field at Pembroke H.S.)

All games begin at 10 a.m.

Last week, all six coaches and a couple of longtime female players met to hammer out some rules and things that had come up on the season-ending survey from last year. A few changes were made. The full list is on the website under "handouts" but a few highlights:

Since our league is 2/3rds men, we'll be using a guy-guy-girl batting order all the way through the lineup.

We'll be doing playoffs again this year and all teams will make the playoffs. Details of how that will work are on the website 

No outside bats will be allowed. Only bats purchased by the league are allowed, No exceptions!

Thanks and looking forward beginning the year.