The town informed us that we'll need to stay off the back field for the remainder of the season unfortunately, so we'll be using the baseball field for the remainder of the year. I changed the fields around for this week. This week's schedule is the following:

June 5th

Red (Home) vs. Blue at Middle School

Orange (Home) vs. Safety Yellow at Baseball field

Green (Home)  vs. Black at Middle Field

Also, similar to last year, due to the Pan-Mass Kids Bike Race taking place at the high school, we need to change the times for the week of June 12th. There will be two games held at the middle school at staggered times and a third game played at 10:45 on the middle field of the high school. If you are playing at the high school, please don’t arrive before 10:15 because Learning Lane will be difficult to get down until the race is completed.

June 12th


Blue (Home) vs. Safety Yellow at Middle field at high school 10:45 Start Time

Orange) (Home) vs, at Green at Middle School 9 a.m. Start Time.

Black (Home) vs. Red at Middle School 10:45 Start Time.

The weekend of June 19th, we'll begin the first round of the playoffs. More on that as the date draws closer.


Standings through four weeks:

Orange 4-0

Black Ice 2-2

Blue 2-2

Safety Yellow 2-2

Red 1-3

Green 1-3