The Main park Building is located between the Pony and Bronco fields.  Parking for fields is accessible from/along Blue Devil Drive or along the South border of the park grounds (Will County Fairgrounds).  Portable restrooms are located near the Main Park Building, between the Pinto and Mustang fields, along the south walking path, and near the skate park.  There is a soda vending machine at the Main Park Building, one located between the Pinto and Mustang fields and one located at the Adult Softball field.  The concession stand (when open) is on the southeast corner of the Main Park Building.  Soccer Fields will be in the open area to the south of the Pinto and Mustang fields.  The Division Street Park and Pavilion is on the far west border of our park grounds.  Please help keep our park clean by using the trash bins located throughout the park.


To access park from Blue Devil Drive: Head East on Peotone-Wilmington Road.  Turn Left at West Street (before railroad tracks).  Turn Left at Garfield Street.  Turn Left into Blue Devil Drive (one-way).

To access park from Will County Fairgrounds: Head East on Peotone-Wilmington Road.  Turn Left at West Street (before railroad tracks). Turn Left into Will County Fairgrounds (just past Atruim building).  Parking will be along the south border of the Park.  Please park carefully - try to avoid muddy/low spots. 

To access Division Street Park: Head East on Peotone-Wilmington Road.  Turn Left at Division Street (Riverside Health Clinic building).  Park will be at the end of Division Street on the right side.

There is no unauthorized vehicle access on any park walking paths and park grounds.  This includes cars/trucks, golf carts, and ATV's.  The Park is not responsible for damage to vehicles due to fly balls hit out of play.