January 22, 2019 – 03:16 PM


NEFL 2019 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


*Offense runs the switch

Is there a push rule?

No. QB can run into the OL and as long as he has not crossed the LOS he can attempt a pass.


Do I have to call run or pass from the break?

No. We use what you call a triple option. Once the offensive coach stops the board, he has 6 secs to decide what the QB is
going to do...run, pitch or pass (has to call out or point to the intended receiver) If the defensive coach reaches zero the ball is spotted down where the QB is. A sack is awarded to the closest defender.


Where do I line up for the kickoff, how does it work?

Kicking team lines up at their 35 yard line. Receiving team at their 45. The board is ran for 2 seconds (To simulate ball in the air) The kicking coach can kick from anywhere behind the 35 yd line (replaced with a runner) the return man is spotted where the ball hits 1st. Receiving team is not allowed to block. Kicking team has 7 seconds to pivot all unengaged players towards the ball carrier. An auto touch-back occurs when the ball hits in the end-zone (on the fly) and bounces out of bounds. If the ball hits the end-zone on the fly but then comes back into the field of play, the ball can be returned at the point where the ball crossed the end-zone or can take the touch-back. If the kickoff goes out of bounds before crossing the goal line, the receiving team can either take it at the 40 yd line or return it where it went out of bounds (anywhere between the #'s and the side line.)


Is there FOB tackling?

No. We play 3 sides tackling. Back of a base is not a tackle. Think of NASCAR when a car is drafting...that would not be a tackle. As soon as the ball carrier gets over to the corner, he is down there.


Can I turn & burn after a completed pass?

No. There is no physical touching of the offensive players., ie for blocking, or pass catching. If your pass turns your player backwards, he is down at the spot. Once a ball carrier goes, or points backwards (even for a second) he is down at his most forward progress. The Offense can also down the player without being tackled at any time even to avoid a fumble.


How long do I have to set up, offense & defense?

The offense has a 40 second clock, they must call set before time elapses or it's a 5 yd delay of game penalty. Defense has 15 additional seconds to call set. Note* The offense can call set as soon as he is in an legal formation, ie if they can line up in 15 seconds they can call set & defense has the extra 15 seconds. So it is wise to always be lining up with the offense.


How can I stop the clock if I'm out of timeouts?

Game clock/play clock starts only after the defense has separated his players...this usually gives you a few extra seconds. Quickly line up in a legal formation (7 on the LOS with QB under center) along with remaining players in legal formation and say Spike! Play clock is stopped. You waste a down but the mission to kill the clock is a success.


On defense, who can I turn?

On run plays or hand-offs there is no reaction for the defense. Passes completed across the LOS the defense can pivot any 4 players (engaged or unengaged) Passes behind the LOS, defense can turn all unengaged.


Can I do advanced pivots?


There is no picking up of players once the play is in motion. You cannot look under the base to adjust the dial. You can adjust the dial provided the player's base remains in contact with the board. If you look under the defensive players base, or lift him from the board to do so, he has to be removed from the play.


How far can my safeties be back?

As far back as you want them. There is no set limit on how far back they can be placed. To balance out the no spinning safeties & no advanced pivots there is no cap on the distance of your DB's. You cannot lay down players to be in coverage!


What's the weight, and can I add lead tape to bring my guys up?

The weight is 3.40 grams. No you cannot add anything to the base or platform to bring your guy up to 3.4 grams!


What is a shovel, how does it work?

It is an automatic pass (The RB/TE/WR must be within a base-length from your QB.) Please note this is a new rule change we have implemented for this upcoming season. If the receiver is behind the LOS, the defense gets no reaction! If the receiver has crossed or touched the LOS the defense can react with 4 unengaged players. 


How far is the distance on a handoff or pitch?

The home field's 10 yd marker is the pitch distance. Base to base, the marker has to touch both bases. Has to be clear path waist to waist from QB to RB.


Are there fumbles, how does it work?

Yes.All fumble recoveries are decided by a coin flip. Heads stays with the offense, Tails goes to the defense. Scenario #1: When the board stops with 2 or more defenders tackling the ball carrier (base contact). In this scenario there is no advancement of the fumble after recovery. Scenario #2: If the ball carrier is knocked down by a defender. (This fumble can be returned if the defense recovers.) The player causing the fumble can be pivoted as long as he is not engaged with the opposing team. The fumbling team can pivot any 4 players to chase. The player that fumbled cannot make the tackle. He cannot be pivoted. Also, If both players (ball carrier & defender) are knocked down there is no fumble.


Do I need both home and away jersey?

Yes. Home is in DARK. Away is in WHITE! In the playoffs higher seeded team gets to pick.


Can I tweak during games or at halftime?

Absolutely not. Have your team ready when you get to the facility please. No sanding, burning or smashing once you're in the game room.


Does the home team decide the board speed?

No, both coaches must agree on board speed. If the 2 of them cannot, a 3rd party will come in and decide a proper speed for the board.


When do I have to punt, and how does it work?

When it's 4th & 5 or more yards to go and you haven't crossed the 50 yd line. The only exception to this is when it is the 4th quarter. The punter must be placed 10 yards from the LOS (Touching from front of base) and can be on a mobile or stationery base. In addition, if the play is started with the punter on a mobile base, he can be substituted with a stationery player just like the QB sub rule. The gunners cannot be impeded (no players in their path). The board is run for 1 second to see if there is a block. If the gunner is impeded, he should be moved up 5 yds. If there's no block the ball is punted. The punt returner must be laid down on the field prior to the start of the play. The return man is spotted where the ball stops on the field of play (not where it hits 1st). If the punt hits in the field of play, then bounces out of bounds there is no return & the offense takes over where it went out of bounds. If it hits in the field of play and goes through the end-zone the ball is returned from the goal line. Once the punt has been marked for a return (with a magnet) the kicking team can pivot his gunners towards the magnet & replace his punter with a runner. The board is run for 2 seconds. The returner (who was left on the side of the field) is then set upright and pivoted, the punt coverage team can pivot his 2 gunners, his punter & any 2 players (engaged or unengaged) to go after the punt returner.


Can I go for a 2pt conversion?

Yes. From the 3 yd line, regular offensive and defensive formation rules apply.


What's the FG rule? Can I fake it?

This year a 65 yd FG was made in the NFL, thus the longest attempt can be a 65 yd FG in the NEFL. Until someone in the NFL kicks one further this will be the max. Kicker and holder must be on prong-less base. No magnets are allowed. These players must be set 10 yds behind the LOS. The offense has to be on the 45 yd line or closer to attempt a FG. The board is run for 1 second to allow for the block. If there is not a block the kicker is brought in to kick from the the 10 yd spot. If the kick is missed, defense takes over from that spot. Yes you can fake it. The 2 bookend/slot receivers and RB’s in back field are eligible for the pass. After the 1 second run-off, the defense will count down from 6, you have 6 seconds to say I'm kicking or passing/pitching and who you are passing/pitching too! If you run out of time your kick is not allowed, and the defense takes over.


How far can my QB drop back?

He can set up 15 yd max behind the LOS at the snap. He can fade back 20 yds. If he completely crosses the 20 yd barrier he is sacked and the ball is marked there where the QB is.


How far can my RBs be from the LOS?

The running backs have to be inside the 20 yd barrier from the line of scrimmage. If you are on the 40 yd line, the back of your RB should be just inside the 20 yd line.


Can I throw the ball away if I don't have anyone open?

If your QB is rolling out and is completely outside the hash marks, you can throw the ball away without having a receiver open. If your QB is in the pocket, ie on a prong-less base, you have to have a open receiver to throw it away to. The offensive coach has 6 seconds to find him...the defensive coach does not have to find your open man!!! After the 6 seconds if you have not called your intended receiver it is a coverage sack, ball is spotted at the QB’s position on the field.


Are Buzzball Cover Corners allowed?

Yes, but only 2 can be covering WR's. The thinking is that a team only has 2 shutdown cover corners. The Buzzball OL fig is also considered a cover corner. You can use these figs along with the DL figure, they just cannot be used to stick more than 2 receivers. The Jennings cover corners are legal. 


Why can't I use magnets?


A magnet will disrupt the flow of the play. A prong-less base will serve the same purpose. You can still pitch or pass if your stand still QB falls over due to not being on a magnet.


EF Etiquette 101 – No talking or distracting a coach while he is attempting to pass. The only thing
he should hear is the 6 second countdown!


Please refrain from using profanity....we do have the Deuce coaches in our presence.


We play our games at one location:


Daly’s Irish Pub  (215-533-2080)

4201 Comly St.

Philadelphia,  PA 19135