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The Different Organizations and Explanation of Each

February 3, 2016

Below is a List of the Different Organizations and a brief summary of each for those who may be wondering what all these different acronyms stand for.


M.J.W.L. (Maryland Junior Wrestling League)

The MJWL has been in existence for almost 60 years it is comprised of teams in the Baltimore Metropolitan Area,  The format in which it operates mirrors High school...... There is a "Straight Weight" division called Navy/Lehigh that uses dual meet matches as it's primary competition where teams compete against each other to determine a winner.   This league could also be considered as "Beltway or Travel" and is most closely compared to Varsity in the high school ranks. 

There is also a "Madison" age/weight division called the Maryland Division that uses 4-5 team roll arounds matching up wrestlers by age and weight this would most closely be compared to Junior Varsity in the high school ranks.

At the end of each season wrestler competes in 1 of 2 year end tournaments based upon their level of experience and ability.  

The first one is the MJWL Age/Weight championships which is for Novice wrestlers and the younger wrestlers split into age groups and by weight class the maximum age for this event is 13 years old......they have a 6U, 8U, 10U and 13U division.

The second is the NAVY/LEHIGH Championship which is for Experience / Intermediate and Advanced Wrestlers the format is straight weight and the PLACE WINNERS ADVACE to the MD/VA JUNIOR LEAGUE STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS.



The MD/VA JUNIOR LEAGUE STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS is a tournament held at the conclusion of the State Wide Junior league seasons where the place winners in all the leagues meet.   THE MD/VA Tournament Consists of the place winners of each of these 4 Leagues:
AAWL - Anne Arundel Area Wrestling League
CAWL - CAPITAL Area Wrestling League


MSWA:  Maryland State Wrestling AssociationThis is an independent organization in Maryland that runs tournaments. 
In order to participate in the events MSWA holds Wrestlers must obtain a USAW card and pay for the registration to the events they want to enter through the online process.

They have series of NOVICE tournaments called "Future Champions" that has a YEAR End "Wrestling Festival" and a SERIES of OPEN  Regional Tournaments called "Champions Series" that is age/weight based. If you place at one of the REGIONAL tournaments you then qualify for the MSWA state tournament....

The Future Champions series is Madison System match up.
The Champions Series is Age Group and Weight class orientated with an 8U/10U/12U/14U Division


MDWAY:  MD WAY Championship
This is an independent organization in Maryland that runs an OPEN State Tournament at UMBC that is Age Group and Weight class orientated with ODD Year Bracketing divisions are 7U/9U/11U/13U/15U


MAWA: Mid Atlantic Wrestling Association.   This is an independent organization based in Pennsylvania that runs a series of championship level tournaments in the Mid Atlantic States that allows wrestlers to enter 1 of 34 district qualifying tournaments. The place winners at Districts advance to 1 of the 4 REGIONAL championships.  The top 4 at each regional compete at the MAWA EASTERN NATIONALS this is a post season series -  District Tournaments run through March ,  Regionals are held in April with the FINALE usually held in Late April or Early MAY...........more information on this organization can be located on our links page.