CHEER REGISTRATION: The registration fee for Cheer this 2019 season is $325.00 for Cheerleaders ages 5 to 14.


CHEER REGISTRATION CLOSE DATE: The last day to register your cheerleader for the 2019 cheer season will be Saturday, June 29, 2019 at our Season Kickoff. We will close registration for cheer  and no new cheer registration will be accepted after June 29, 2019.



PAYMENTS ACCEPTED: Payments are accepted with a $50.00 deposit. If you pay a deposit, the full registration fee must be paid not later than June 30, 2019. ALL DEPOSITS WILL HAVE A $50.00 NON-REFUNDABLE PROCESSING FEE. Payments can be made at all sign up locations. Check the website often for sign up locations and times.



BASIC REGISTRATION FEE INCLUDES: Uniform Shell, Shell Embroidery, Uniform Skirt, Uniform Liner, Bloomers, Pom-Poms, Shoes, Socks, Bow, Cheer Camp Entrance, Cheer Camp lunch, secondary Insurance, League (SCJAAF) fees, Banquet, Picture Package and Trophy.



AGE VERIFICATION REQUIRED FOR REGISTRATION: We will need an ORIGINAL birth certificate for each cheerleader for verification of age. All ORIGINAL birth certificates must be turned in to your Cheer Coordinator. Junior All American Football (SCJAAF) will also accept an Age Verification from your child’s school as long as the age verification has a picture of the child and is SIGNED and/or STAMPED. SCJAAF will NOT accept copies. We will need this to certify each cheerleader and will be returned to you after paper certification.


PHYSICAL REQUIRED FOR REGISTRATION: Each cheerleader is required to have a physical completed by a Physician, Nurse Practitioner or Physician’s assistant on the Junior All American physical form that we will supply to you. Physicals completed by a Chiropractor and/or Registered Nurse WILL NOT be accepted by the league. All physicals must be dated after 04/01/2019 and completed before the first day of practice. No cheerleader will be allowed on the field without a completed physical.


WHEN SEASON STARTS: The first day of practice for the 2019 season will be Monday, July 22, 2019 from 6pm to 8pm. Practices will be held at our home field location. Once the season starts practice will be held 5 days a week (Mon. – Fri.) for the first 5 weeks of the season. Each team will go down to 3 days a week of practice beginning the week after Labor Day. The days of the week for practice beginning week 5 will be Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Game 1 will be sometime the first week in September 2019.


HOME FIELD LOCATION: Our home field is located at 525 Murrieta Rd. in Perris.


PARENT VOLUNTEER HOURS (REQUIRED): Each parent is required to volunteer a minimum 10 hours per cheerleader. Volunteer hours can include, working in the snack bar, working at the entrance gate and/or assisting in staffing for events for fundraising.


FUNDRAISING: All fundraisers are mandatory unless parent opts to buy out. There will be a buy-out set for each fundraiser. The money raised will be used to fund additional expenses during the year such as extra items and activities. The cheer coordinator will specify to parents what each fundraiser is for.


REFUND POLICY: There are no refunds once your cheerleader hits the field. If you left a deposit of more than $50 and your cheerleader never hit the field then you may receive a refund of your deposit minus the $50 deposit.