1400 E Orange Ave

Perris, CA 92571


Field for warm up on the back end of the stadium.


All parents and guests are on the same side of the stadium with a visitor section and home section designated for each team.


Snack bar is available with hot food, cold drinks and lots of goodies. Snack bar is located at the south end of the Stadium.


Restrooms are located at south end of the stadium


Please let all parents know all stadium rules.


Orange Vista Stadium Rules:

·       No outside food or beverages allowed.

·       No coolers allowed inside the stadium except for team use. There will be security at the entrance to enforce this rule.

·       Coolers for team drinks are acceptable, but will be checked by security upon entrance.

·       No food is allowed on the track or field.

·       No shell nuts, seeds or gum allowed

·       Alcohol, drugs and smoking (including E-Cigarettes/Vape materials) are not permitted anywhere on school property.

·       Approved SCJAAF Field Pass is REQUIRED for entry onto track or field-NO EXCEPTIONS.

·       Please enter and exit from requested gates only.

·       WATER ONLY on the field or track.

·       No food is allowed on the track or field. We will have a designated area for teams to eat oranges at half time if teams wish to do so.

·       No pets, except service animals, are permitted in the stadium or on the field.

·       No noisemakers permitted per SCJAAF rules.

·       EZ Ups are permitted on the field. (No stakes in ground, weights only, bring mats for under legs.)

·       EZ Ups in the stands are permitted. (Do not block the announcer booth.)

·       Please remove all trash when you leave. Please ask your parents and spectators to do the same.