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High costs and drastic state budget cuts have taken their toll on our public school system. Extracurricular activities, namely sports programs, have been hit the hardest, resulting in the removal of PE Programs, Sports Programs necessary health care and expertise from the schools. Raider Huddle Club wants to ensure that every student athlete is properly cared for but as a non-profit organization, we cannot do it alone. Every young athlete deserves the chance to reach their dreams.


All donations will go towards our general operating costs, regardless of the size of the donation. We would really appreciate any donation you can give to help support Raiders Football.
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Coaching Staff
Game Uniforms
Practice Uniforms
Banquets & Awards
Stadium Upgrades
Team Dinners
Training Camps
Annual Program
Training Room Supplies

**Any donation to RAIDER Huddle Club is tax deductible.**

For information on how to donate item(s), please contact the Raider Club President Gaby Meza