St. Francis Girls Basketball
Instructional League {Grades K-2}
Junior League {Grades 3 & 4}
Intermediate League {Grades 5 & 6}
Senior League {Grades 7 & 8}


Mission Statement:

St. Francis Girls Basketball is a recreational league that is made possible by a wide range of volunteers which include scorekeepers,coaches,referees in addition to the league coordinators. The league hopes to foster a learning environment that focuses on sportsmanship, teamwork and the fundamentals of basketball. While there is competition with winners and losers of games and a playoff round, the focus is for the girls to have fun and play in a safe environment.

Conduct Policy:

All spectators will uphold the values of good sportsmanship both for the participant and themselves. Also, unsportsmanlike conduct and/or activities such as swearing, pushing, fighting, throwing objects, yelling, arguing, booing or taunting will not be tolerated by St. Francis Girls Basketball and can result in immediate ejection from the premises and possible suspension or removal from any/all St. Francis Girls Basketball games or activities.