Listed below are a few reminders in order for us to maintain a positive environment for our children:

SIDELINE COACHING: Although we recognize that it is sometimes difficult, we would like to advise the spectators to keep sideline coaching to a minimum. Instructions to players should come from the coaches, not parents. Parents are highly recommended instead to encourage and support the players. Our league will not tolerate abusive or insulting comments from spectators directed towards any of the players, referees or coaches.

SPORTSMANSHIP: Coaches and players shake hands after the match or for the younger players, parents setup a tunnel for the kids to run through.

PLAYING TIME: All players must play at least half of the time. The only exceptions are if a player is ill or injured but the coach must notify the referee and the opposing coach of the situation. Limiting playing time may be used as part of a disciplinary action.

REFEREE ABUSE: Verbal abuse of our referees will NOT be tolerated.

LITTER: Coaches and team parents are responsible for cleaning their areas after each match or training session.

As always, we would like to remind everyone that we're about "KIDS HAVING FUN!"