SMBL Playing Regulations

November 5, 2010

Revised: Nov.85, Oct.86, Oct.87, Apr.88, Aug.89, Aug.90, Aug.91, Sep.92, Aug.93, Oct.94, Sep.95, Oct.96, Sep.97, Sep 98, Sep.99, Oct.00, Oct.01, Nov.02, Nov.03, Oct.05, Oct.07, Nov. 10.

1. Default A game must start with no fewer than 5 players (of that team) present. A 5 minute grace period is allowed only for the first game of the evening, after which the game is defaulted. The defaulting team pays both officials. A default is recorded as a 15 to 0 win for the non defaulting team. Revised 07/08

2. Time Outs There will be a total of 5 time outs per game allowed, 3 full and 2 of 20’ duration.
Revised 11/10

3. Overtime Overtime periods will be used in all games this season (10-11). (3 min. OT)
Revised 10/11

4. Payment Officials are paid by the convenor.
Revised 10/10

5. Ejections Any player ejected from a game for a flagrant or unsportsmanlike foul will receive an automatic 1 game suspension. An ejection for 2 technicals (verbal abuse) will also result in the automatic 1 game suspension. A second such ejection will result in a 2 game suspension and a third will result in exclusion from the league. An ejection for pushing (fighting) will warrant an additional 1 game suspension. Being ejected for throwing a punch (whether it lands or not) will warrant a 12 month suspension from the league. Suspensions will carry over into the next season if necessary.
A suspended player may not be on the bench/scorer side of the gym during a suspended game. New 99/00

6. Eligibility
Players must be turning 55 years old as of Oct 1 (or the start of league play). Revised 07-08
If an ineligible player is used in any game, that game is defaulted.
Players will only play for the team to which they have been assigned, unless arranged with the convenor.
Revised 11/10

7. Fees
Players are expected to register and pay their fee in September, as announced by the convenor.
New 08-09

8. Personnel Changes
The convenor may make player moves in the interest of equal competition. As well, players may approach the convenor to discuss their situation and possible changes.
New 08-09

9. Playoffs
Players must have played at least one third of the scheduled league games in order to be eligible for the playoffs. No player may be added to a team roster after the first round has been completed. Under exceptional circumstances (e.g. inability to compete due to depleted roster etc.) the convenor, in consultation with the team managers or their designate may allow additions to a team roster.
Revised 11/10

10. Rosters
Team managers will be assigned by the convenor and they are responsible for the organization of their players.
Revised 08-09

11. Disputes If a dispute occurs, the convenor will make the decision. This decision may be appealed to a committee comprised of one member from each team. The result of the appeal will be determined by a vote of one member of each team not involved in the dispute.
New 05/06

12. Uniforms (singlets, numbered front and back) must be worn by all teams as of the first league game. Taped numbers on the singlets are not allowed. Undershirts, if worn, must be of a colour matching the singlet.

13. New players
All new players entering the league will do so by appearing at registration in September and playing in the pickup and exhibition games.
They will then be assigned to a team.
New 08-09

14. Tie Breakers
1st...Head to head results (if A, B and C are tied in the standings and if A defeated both B and C, then A would be awarded the higher playoff position. The positions of B and C would also be decided by head to head record.
2nd...Point differential between/among teams involved. (if A beat B and B beat C and C beat A, standings would be decided by the plus or minus differentials between/among the teams).
3rd...League point differential for all common opponents to a maximum of +/- 15 points. with the most league wins (a win takes precedent over 2 ties).
New 05/06