Eduardo Yoldi Poem

The following poem was written for Eduardo Yoldi shortly after his death.



Catch the ball and hold it between your hands

Like you would hold a lover

Transform yourself into a mountain

Two meters taller, three meter wider

An impenetrable wall of live energy



Protect your goal

Like you would protect your lover

With the fiery and robust muscles, bone and blood

From your body

With all the heat from your soul

Your struggles

Like a lion, like a champion



Always smiling

So Alive

You captivated us so much

That your lies, small and innocent ones

Like those from a child, were echoes of your sincerity

And one time, when a leg of steal kicked the ball

Faster than 150 kilometers an hour in your face

You let me cure your nose

Like an Angel

Until the pain disappeared



When the hand of God comes to pick You

So you play in another team

Know that we remain with you

And together like a choir of celestial angels

When you enter the gate of heaven

With joy, we will sing


With Us Always