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 what can you do to prepare for Midweek?

·        Bring team fee of $400 (for SJMSBL team. Team name needs to be the same as Spring/Summer team) or $500 (for Non SJMSBL Team or for SJMSBL team that wants a different name than spring/Summer team.) Bring $$$ to Midweek meeting Tuesday May 22 @ 7:00pm @ Bobby Ray’s Pennsauken Tavern @ 6324 Westfield Ave, Pennsauken, NJ. If you cannot make meeting send Team fee to Payable to SJMSBL send to: 305 Church Street, Cherry Hill NJ 08002 ASAP!

·        Secure a home field. Games early in the season (June & July) can be played @ 6:15pm. Lighted fields are preferred with a 7pm or 7:30pm start. Bring your home field and restrictions to Bobby Ray’s Pennsauken Tavern @ 6324 Westfield Ave, Pennsauken, NJ Tuesday May 22 @ 7:00pm. We’ll (that means you!) be putting together schedule at Bobby Rays. If you cant make meeting email your home field with restrictions/availability/cost to We prefer teams with fields it allows us to put together balanced schedule. It’s OK if don’t have a field, we’ll make it work.

FAQ’s (Frequently asked questions)

1.     What is age limit for Midweek? 18+

2.     How are games scored in standings? 3 pts for win, 2 pts for tie, 1 pt for a loss.

3.     How many innings are the games? 7

4.     Can make up games be played on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday? YES. Work it out with opposing managers and coordinate umps.

5.     Other questions- email


2018 Midweek Baseball will start the 1st week in June. Games will be played on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.


Dates for regular season games are:


Week #1 (5,6,7) 833pm gets dark

Week#2 (12,13,14) 828pm gets dark

Week#3 (19,20,21) 831pm gets dark

Week#4 (26,27,28) 832pm gets dark


Week#5 (10,11,12) 829pm gets dark

Week#6 (17,18,19) 825pm gets dark

Week#7 (24,25,26) 821pm gets dark


WeeK#8 (31,1,2)

Week#9 (7,8,9)

Dates for Playoffs games are

Week #10 (14,15,16)

Week #11 (21.22,23)

Week #12 (28,29,30)


Team Cost for Midweek


1.     SJMSBL Cost @ $400 per Team- Non-SJMSBL Team cost is $500 (for non-SJMSBL teams- paying $500 entitles you to $100 credit toward either Fall Season 2017 or Spring/Summer 2018 Season}

        2 dozen Balls

-        Winner gets $250 Credit towards Spring Season

2.     Field Costs are paid by each Team

-        Marlton Memorial ($80) $40 per Team Before game starts

-        Cinnaminson Memorial ($80) $40 per team before game starts

-        Riverton Park ($40) $20 per Team before game starts

3.     Each Team pays for (1) umpire before game starts $70

4.     Each Team gives two Balls to umpire before game

SJMSJMSBL does NOT pay for any Playoff Umpires. Playoffs end before Labor Day.

FYI: My Players pay $15 per game


SJMSJMSBL does NOT pay for any Playoff Umpires. Playoffs end before labor day.

FYI: My Players pay $15 per game

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