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Bobby Rays, Tuesday 5-22- 2018    7pm                         2hours & 11 minutes

5 teams present. A's, Yanks,Bang Bros, BlueSox, Rangers

2 No shows but in: C. Pirates & Mayhem

2 dozen Baseballs handed out. Ron made a schedule. A's and Bang Bros OK with playing 2 games in a week.

Regular season- June 6 - Aug 9

3 Points for Win

2 Points for Tie

1 Point for game played

Points cannot be accumulated after Thursday August 9th. 


1/4 Final (#1 seed gets Bye)  Aug. 14 (2Vs7) Aug 15 (3Vs6) Aug 16 (4Vs5) One game Wildcard

Semi- Final Aug 21 ( #1 seed Vs. Weakest seed winner), Aug 22 (remaining winner of 1/4 final Vs. remaining winner of 1/4 final) One Game Wildcard

Championship- Aug. 28 (Winner of Semi Vs Winner of Semi) Teams have the option to play best of 3. If teams cannot agree teams will play a (1) one game Championship

Teams pay for umpires in Playoffs

Team winning Championship gets $250 Credit toward either

- 2018 Fall Season

- 2019 Spring/Summer season

- 2019 Midweek Season



Before Game:

* Each team plays one umpire $70 before game

* Each team gives plate ump 2 Baseballs

* If appropriate pay Manager controlling field, Field fee

In the event of inclement weather, Team managing the field permit needs to cancel game with opposing team manager and must call Lou Marshal @ 856-266-7916. Lou will contact umpire coordinator. Game needs to be cancelled within at least one hour of start time. If umpires show to field and no game is played umpires are paid a travelling fee of $45 each. 

Some Rules

- All Games are 7 Innings

- Player gets thrown out of a game, he needs to sit out the next game. If he gets thrown out of 2 games he done with Mid-week and can potentially be thrown out of all SJMSBL divisions for 2018. Player, Manager or team, based on the severity of issue(s) The SJMSBL League officials can permanently banish player/manager/team from SJMSBL. 

- A team needs 4 Complete innings to count a WIN






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