Scanzano Bats

2020 Spring/Summer Season



1. The schedule will be put on Website by (specific Date). The schedule will then be edited, Edits will be dictated by Managers. Schedules will be edited for 72 Hours.

2. After 72 Hours Schedule will be official


Divisional Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes will be uploaded onto website in HEADLINES

MG- MCY...Managers have 48 Hours (once Minutes are uplaoded) to contest Minutes on Website (IE. Schedule, Playoffs, Rules, All Star game, Waivers). After 48 hours minutes on website cannot be contested. 


BM- A's... Should we make special Allowances for Sundays with Temps reaching 100 Degrees?

- No DH's?

- 7 Inning Games?


Can teams play one (9) inning game and get credit for a DoubleHeader?

- Score of Game not played?- Same as 1st game?

- Winner gets 6 Points? Loser gets 2?


Go over how to get an appeal from an umpire.

Catcher seeing whether ball or strike

MK- 52 national situation.

Teams that bitch from pitch one

-      How umps will handle it



RULE: Once game is scheduled on website game must be played with the exception of Inclement weather

Please Note

if either team doesn't have enough players opposing team wins by forfeit.

if Home team loses field Home team loses by forfeit


AD- MB....RULE: If game is not scheduled on website you can't at any time forfeit and give a win to opposing team. That's called manipulation


Situation: A team Folds & Player(s) on team want to continue to play on another team..... Questions

1. Should we allow that?

2. If so, which team(s) get first Dibs

3. Do their "games played " carry to new team?

Teams not playing playoff game doubleheader when their field is not available. Holding up the schedule. DV-as

Proposal: If player or Manager is ejected from game and umpire feels threatened. Player &/or Manager is suspended 5 games.


Combine 52A & 45A make a 50+ Division?

Combine 52N & 45N make a50+ division?

Do a 55+ division?



Teams rate good umpires, best rated umpires do Playoff Games?

Should we ask umpires to communicate with re: teams that bitch from the first pitch to the last?

Managers must control there team … Umpires warn through Managers?


 Have ironclad Contingencies for rained out Playoffs


45A- Semi’s ended on Saturday for both teams. (it was a sweep) Y/N  in 2020 should they start Championships Sunday?



Team winning Championship and will not play in better, Age-appropriate division but insists on playing in the same division the following year is only due a $250 credit for the following year also the opposing team in the Finals get a $250 credit


Example: The NY Mets beat the Yankees in the Finals. The NY Mets play in the National Division. The More competitive division is the American


* The NY Mets get a $500 credit if they move into a more competitive American division

* The NY Mets want to stay in the same division, therefore, The Mets get a $250 credit and the Yankees get a $250 credit



Should we get A1010HS again? BTW: HS = High Seams Not High School 

JG-CR... Last years balls had more pop?


All Star Games

Secure All-Star Managers at Divisional Meetings

Posted on Website by a specific date

Email your all Star picks to Manager (which is listed on Website)



Roster Max or pay $$

Be more organized for schedule and meeting

Intimidating the Umpire

y/N - Games not played are considered a TIE and you get 2 points winner    2 Points loser


Teams are complaining- some teams don’t want to make games up

Should we tighten up rules:

·        Roster size and amount of games played

·      Should a team who forfeits so many games be ineligible for Playoffs


Do teams want league to try and secure Frawley Stadium for Championships? It would be $100 more per team per year

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