South Jersey Men’s Senior Baseball League Covid-19 regulations 2020


1). Coaches, staff, visitors and athletes will be required to abide by the gathering’s limitations outlined in Executive Order No. 152 (2020), or the Order in effect at the time of competition.


2). All athletes, coaches, staff and others participating in games including umpires will be screened upon arrival, via temperature check at the field of play. This will fall upon the responsibility of managers and coaches. If symptoms of Coivd-19 are present and or player is running a temperature or feels ill

they need to be sent home and are not permitted at the field for a minimum of 14 days and or being cleared by a physician of any symptoms of Covid-19. If a player has been in close contact with another who has Covid-19, they are not permitted at the field for a minimum of 14 days meeting all state guidelines on quarantining.

     2A). Any player who has respiratory issues or a prior illness that has led to a compromised immune

             system should seek advice from their personal physician whether they should play


3). In the event that a player, coach, manager, umpire or spectator contracts Covid-19. An email needs to be sent to Lou Marshall and Neil Hourahan as to the date of the diagnosis. At that time an email will be sent to the managers and umpire association making them aware of the date of diagnosis keeping the identity of the person anonymous but his team will be disclosed and that said player must meet all CDC guidelines for quarantining with a minimum of 14 days or until cleared by a physician of all symptoms.


4). Ensure that athletes and coaches adhere to social distancing in accordance with CDC guidelines of 6’, while not actively involved in game activities (on the bench, in the dugout, etc.). Consider assigning coaching staff to monitor sideline social distancing.


5). There will be no team water coolers or cups. Players must bring their own water bottles


6). There will be no chewing or spitting of any seeds, peanuts, tobacco, chewing gum or sharing of any food.


7). While on the field of play wearing of masks is up to the individual player, but while on the sidelines or not involved in the game it is encouraged.


8). There will be no sharing of equipment (i.e. bats, gloves, helmets, catchers equipment, towels etc. )


9). Players must have sanitizer and or wipes with them and practice proper hand hygiene before, during and after the game.


10). All managers and players make sure that the dugout and surrounding area is kept clean and it is highly encouraged that each team supply their own trash bags and make sure all trash is disposed of after the game either at the facility in the dumpsters or taken off premise and disposed of.


11.) There will be no high fives, handshakes of any kind, all congratulatory gestures will be communicated verbally

12.) Each team to provide their own baseballs while on defense, as this will minimize the number of players in contact with the baseball.

13).  Pitchers will NOT be allowed to go to their mouth between pitches.  This will constitute an illegal ball and the ball must immediately be replaced by the pitching team.

14). No infield meetings on the mound

15). When holding a meeting on the mound between the catcher, pitcher and/or manager, all participants need to stay a safe distance from each other.  The meeting would be limited to a maximum of 3 people.

16). Players should not throw the balls around the infield after outs.

17). All lineups should be exchanged by leaving them on home plate prior to start of game

18). Ground rules will be discussed by the two umpires and two managers wearing masks in the vicinity of Homeplate maintaining the required 6’ social distancing protocol

19). All umpire fees will be left in an envelope on Homeplate prior to start of game

20). Balls and strikes will be called from behind the pitcher’s mound

21). Players finishing a game are asked to leave the area as quickly as possible.

22). These regulations should be emailed to every player on your team and posted in the dugout and spectator areas prior to start of game.


These regulations are for the safety and health of all managers, coaches, players, umpires and spectators. Failure to adhere to the above policy could result in the guilty party’s team being suspended from the seasons play.

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