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2020 Universal Playoff Structures

6 Teams or More in your Division

·       Better/Stronger SEED is HOME TEAM throughout playoffs and Championship


Saturday, October 17

9:00am #6 Seed @ #3 Seed

9:00am #4 Seed @ #5 Seed



Sunday, October 18

9:00am Weakest Seed Winner of PLAY IN ROUND @ #1 Seed

9:00am Stronger Seed Winner of PLAY IN ROUND @ #2 Seed



Sunday, October 25

9:00am Weakest Seed Winner of SEMI-FINAL @ Stronger Seed Winner of SEMI-FINAL





2020 Universal Playoff Structures

Less than 6 Teams in your Division

Lou and I will set up Structure.

All Teams will make the playoffs and we’ll try and create an advantage for top seed(s)

FYI: It will be started and finished in 2 weeks


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