About the Stallion Track Club Inc

March 4, 2013 – 06:20 PM

Practice will start 3/7/18 at 6:30pm til 8:00pm at Albemarle Road Middle School off of Albemarle Road in Charlotte. There will not be practice on Fridays. Ages are 5 thru 18. If you are 18 and your birthday is August 6Th you are eligible.. I will have a schedule on the web site later on so be mindful of that.




You are responsible for all track meet fees. 

**Disrespectful participants, parents and/or grandparents will not be tolerated.**

**We reserve the right to suspend or remove your child(ren) from the team, there will be no refunds**

**Parents, please remember we are here to train your children.  If you are defiant then your kids will be**

**All incidences will be reviewed by Coach P and Mrs Donna**