Our mission here at Saint Thomas Aquinas is to provide for the children of our Parish and Community the opportunity to learn the skills of Basketball/Soccer in an enjoyable and safe environment. The history of youth sports associated with Saint Thomas Aquinas has always had a tremendous impact on the young boys and girls in this neighborhood. Many of our athletes have continued to have successful High School and College Basketball Careers. We are very proud of one of our Saint Thomas Aquinas alumni - Chris Mullin. The NBA Hall of Fame recipient and winner of two Olympic Gold Medals - in 1984 as well as a member of 1992 U.S. Olympic “DreamTeam“ is nicknamed, "Flatbush's Finest", based on his Brooklyn roots. It is my experience in coaching for many years, that with youth sports here at Saint Thomas Aquinas you will see your children make friends, gain confidence, have wholesome experiences, and make great memories in the process.
We strive to enlighten our young men and women to become confident leaders and contributors to our society.
We welcome you to become a part of our youth program
Guy DeFonzo - Parish Athletic Director-