The St. John's Amateur Baseball Association (SJABA) annually hosts two drafts (Intermediate / Senior) for any new players wishing to enter the league.

*** Deadline to register for the Draft is Friday May 24th ***

  • First Draft is held prior to the start of the season (May)
  • Second Draft is held in July
  • Players must be 1st year midget or older to be eligible for the Intermediate draft.
  • Players 22 years or older will be required to enter the Senior draft. (If undrafted they will be entered in the Intermediate draft.) 
  • Players must complete the SJABA "Draft Registration Form" to be eligible for the draft
  • Players are required to complete all required fields and provide as much information as possible.
  • Open Workout(s) will be held at St. Pat's Ball Park for new players prior to the 1st draft

Group 1 Saturday  May 25  1:00 PM
Group 2 Saturday  May 25  3:00 PM

*** Alternate Date ***

Group 1 Sunday  May 26  1:00 PM
Group 2 Sunday  May 26  3:00 PM

  • Players will be divided into Groups and will receive an Email indicating which session to attend
  • Players should come dressed in appropriate baseball attire including pants, hat, glove, cleats, bat (wooden) and helmet
  • There is a $5.00 open workout fee (per player)
  • All players that register for the draft may not be drafted.
  • All players that are drafted may not make the team they are drafted by. 
  • All players that are drafted and make a team may have to pay registration fees which are determined by the individual team
  • Teams reserve the right to release player(s) at any time during the season.

*** Deadline to register for the Draft is Friday May 24th ***

Any questions or comments can be directed to