Sponsorship Opportunity

November 16, 2012

Partner with the St. Mathias Devil's and we can display your business across our ball park, website, and schedule calendars! The St. Mathias Devils, a local group of men volunteering time to play a kids a game. We are always looking for ways to connect with local business to help build relationships each season we play . All of the members of the team are true volunteers to the team; we pay for our own gloves, cleats, bats, gas to and from the field, drinks and food on the road. Coaches do not receive any type of compensation other than 2 for 1's at the bar. The funding includes field maintanence, umpire expenses, baseballs, baseball bats (on a needs basis), uniforms (on a need basis), and field upgrades. Without our past and present sponsors and donors our team would cease to exist and we are so grateful for the past and present support we have! If you are a local business that has interest in connecting with the St. Mathias Devils team please contact Randy Heidmann at 218-828-4654 or Loren Thiesse at 218-829-6616.