April 26, 2017


Hi everyone,

So I've been asked by AJ and the board to undertake quite a task, but something I'd really enjoy doing. Being that I'm a really busy high school senior who works on top of that and plans to coach at TELL, I agreed to do it because I know there are people out there who'd be willing to help a little. So, I've been asked (drumroll) to create a newsletter for Taunton East Little League. In order to undertake a task like this and still juggle everything I'm doing, I'm going to need a little help. 
First I needed a name, and we can check that one off. It will be called "T.E.L.L.EGRAM", thanks to Edzo Rasar's brilliant mind.
Also, I'll need:
A committed photographer to get me some pictures to put in every issue of the newsletter. If something big is happening, like a close game or a walk off win, it would be nice to get pictures of that. I'm also not opposed to the idea of having multiple photographers, they just need to be able to, between the two of them, come up with some good stuff.
-At least three other writers who I can count on to submit stories on a semi-regular basis. More than that would be great. I don't care how bad of a writer you THINK you are, you are always your own worst critic.🙂
-I'll need one of those writers ideally to agree to be a co editor with me in case I can't be around for an issue.
-Finally I'll have a "coach's corner", basically a spot where I'll ask a coach with each issue to write something. It can be whatever you want- you can reminisce about a past game, talk about a player, about your experience in baseball, about a new drill, a new philosophy, about the league, write literally whatever you would like the league to hear.
I've got plenty of other ideas, and if you volunteer, I'll let you in on them, for the rest of you, I'm gonna let it be a surprise. I'm going to post issues on Facebook, the website, and print it out and have it at the complex too.
This will not be possible if we can't get volunteers, so hopefully we will. The frequency with which we can release issues of the newsletter will depend on the volunteers we get. If you are interested in volunteering, either reply to this post with what you want to do, or shoot me an email t7redsox@gmail.com. I'm also open to any ideas of what to put in the newsletter, comment those below! Thanks.

Troy Bryce


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