Heads Up Football

The Bert Bell Memorial Football Conference has joined once again with USA Football to institute the Heads Up Football program throughout the league.  This means that all coaches must complete an online coaches training course through USA Football.  The principles of this training program focus on the areas of player safety, equipment fitting, concussion awareness and teaching the Heads Up Tackling and blocking technique.  Prospect Park Termites also had to send several coaches for further training, so that they can be named player safety coaches through USA Football.  These player safety coaches will be responsible for ensuring that all coaches are teaching proper techniques to ensure player safety.  Throughout the season, you may hear coaches using some new terms or teaching something differently than in the past.  This is all a result of the enhanced focus on player safety and our commitment to providing your child with a safe playing environment.  If you have any questions regarding the Heads Up Football program, please feel free to ask anu of the coaches or to visit the USA Football website at http://usafootball.com/.  You can also receive updates about these programs by liking USA football on Facebook  or following them on Twitter.