AND NOW.....For something completely different. 


Usually there's a bit of comedy here, but not this week.  It is a little different though.  I've communicated this through Facebook, Twitter and group Email.  This is my last shot.  



The young man you see pictured above is Chris Godfrey and he is our baseball brother.  I believe that we take care of our own when we can and in any manner possible.  He lives on the other side of the country, I don't know him and didn't hear his name before this week, but he's still my brother through this game.  


"On August 19th 2017 it was just like any other day on the baseball field, Chris woke up excited for his day full of playing softball with all of his friends, unaware of the possibility that a freak accident would send him to the hospital to undergo brain surgery. Chris was flown from Comox Hospital to Victoria General where he remains as his beautiful wife and loving family stay by his side. We are asking that everyone please pray for him and his family at this trying time, and as we are still unaware of what the outcome will be, we know that Amanda and Faith are going to need all the support that they can get. We love you Chris, Amanda and Faith"


I'm not a doctor and I'm not being unduly morbid for effect, but Chris has been on life support since Monday.  I have circulated this message and a link to the "GOFUNDME" account that is raising money of his wife and child that have a whole heap of hardship in front of them.  The site is:    


You can donate with a visa debit card or any major credit card.  Or you can send me money by email and I'll do it for you.  I have asked people when donating to use the 1st and Last name spots to represent our leagues rather than our actual names.  


So far, I'm really proud to say, that we have 3 donations from "Tottenham Oldtimers" and 2 donations from "Beeton MixedLeague" and the combined value of those donations is $280.00.  You can see the names of the leagues (and all other donations) on the go fund me site.  


There is no floor or ceiling on giving.  Please, if you can afford 5 bucks, its 5 more than they had.  


Thanks, DD   




Okay, we've got a schedule gang!!!!  Of course only the Twisters and Draft Kings (who both clinched spots this week) are able to plan where and when they're playing.  They won't be able to figure out who for a while yet.  In fact, I think we'll have between 4-9 teams that will have no idea what position they'll fall into, until the Cleats and Sliders play the day after Labour Day.  



We'll knock off 45 playoff games in 6 days and hand out the hardware.  Piece of cake.  What could go wrong?


The playoff projections aren’t always broken down in the order that teams appear in the standings.  The reason for that is that our sort criteria in the standings doesn’t necessarily match what our tie breaking criteria is.  In accordance with our constitution, end of season ties are decided in the following order:

i)     Head – to – head record determined by points. (runs for and against in head – to – head are not a factor)

ii)    If still tied, by the number of wins in the overall league statistics. (ie. 12-12 beats 11-11-2).

iii)   If still tied, by the highest number of runs for in the overall league statistics.

iv)   If still tied, by the lowest number of runs against in the overall league statistics.


NOTE:  After the playoff round robin, the tie breaker changes to i) total points, ii) Plus / Minus iii) Head – to – head, iv) lowest number of runs against, v) coin flip  

All that being said, this would be your playoff matchups as of Friday August 25th. (Shaded boxes indicate home games)

The final two columns indicate the Highest and Lowest that a team could possibly finish.




Again, congrats to the Twisters and Draft Kings who are the first two games to clinch.  And we actually have one game matchup settled.  The Twisters will host the Draft Kings on C1 at 10:15 on Saturday the 16th.  

Next week as the games tick away, the chart above will be updated daily.  So check frequently!  




  • Everything is an attraction now.  
  • Monday:   The Twisters play the Rebels in a nothing game for the Twisters.  The Rebels still have aims on jumping from 10th to 6th.  The Grisslies play the Tap Masters who will be trying to close their season with their 6th win in a row.  A win for the Grisslies would ensure no worse than a 6th place finish.  The Beer Bros. still have their eyes on a 5th place finish and need a win over the Sliders to make it happen.  The Sliders could climb all the way from 12th to 6th if they run the table over their last 3 games and get some help.  A win over the Cleats would put the Dog Catchers in a dead tie with the Master Batters and Bat Flippers, but the Cleats could climb to 6th by winning out. And that's just Monday!
  • The Hurtin' Units (still no picture) managed to barely hang onto the cup but eking out a win over the Gruesome Devils.  The Units have the Rusty Rebels this week.  If they lose to the Rebels, the Rusty Rebels will win the Beer Cup.  Should the Hurtin' Units win, their next game will be against the Inglorious Batsters and the winner of that game will win the cup for the 2017 season.   

It has become customary to put a picture of the Beer Cup winning team in this spot. Sadly, a pic was not provided by the victors, so I freelanced a reasonable facsimile. 



       Held the Cup

                 Hurtin’ Units (2)

                 Dusty Cleats (1)

                 Grisslies (1)

                 Rusty Rebels (1)

                 Bat Flippers (1)

                 Beer Bros. (1)

                 Inglorious Batsters (1)

                 Twisters (1)

       Defended the Cup

                 Grisslies (3)

                 Beer Bros. (3)

                 Twisters (3)

                 Dusty Cleats (2)

                 Hurtin' Units (1)

                 Inglorious Batsters (1)

       Beer Cup Games Played                  

                 Dusty Cleats (6)

                 Grisslies (5)

                 Beer Bros. (5)

                 Twisters (5)

                 Bat Flippers (4)

                 Inglorious Batsters (3)

                 Hurtin’ Units (3)

                 Rusty Rebels (2)

                 Tap Master (2)

                 Dodge City (2)

                 Gruesome Devils (2)  

                 Draft Kings

                 Master Batters

                 Sons Of Pitches

                 Hot Tub Woody's