Monday's Games


  • The Twisters survive an 11 run rally in the bottom of the 7th to defeat the Rebels 28-25. 
  • The Beer Bros. won the 9th out of their last 11 downing the Sliders 22-10.
  • Jamie Allan drives in the tying run while the winning run is thrown out at the plate by Emeil Edwards to end the game as the Tap Masters and Grisslies tie at 11's. 
  • In a 20-10 loss to the Dog Catchers, Cleats 3rd baseman Gerard Traverse hits the highlight reel by blistering a windmill throw to nab an out at 1st base.  



The playoff projections aren’t always broken down in the order that teams appear in the standings.  The reason for that is that our sort criteria in the standings doesn’t necessarily match what our tie breaking criteria is.  In accordance with our constitution, end of season ties are decided in the following order:

i)     Head – to – head record determined by points. (runs for and against in head – to – head are not a factor)

ii)    If still tied, by the number of wins in the overall league statistics. (ie. 12-12 beats 11-11-2).

iii)   If still tied, by the highest number of runs for in the overall league statistics.

iv)   If still tied, by the lowest number of runs against in the overall league statistics.


NOTE:  After the playoff round robin, the tie breaker changes to i) total points, ii) Plus / Minus iii) Head – to – head, iv) lowest number of runs against, v) coin flip  

All that being said, this would be your playoff matchups as of Friday August 25th. (Shaded boxes indicate home games)

The final two columns indicate the Highest and Lowest that a team could possibly finish.



Last nights games (see above) narrowed the possibilities slightly, but we still have 14 teams that could finish in 45 different spots.  There's a lot to decide.  

Technically the Grisslies haven't clinched 5th, however the only team that can catch them is the Beer Bros. who would have to win by 32.  I'm hedging my bet.  

Tonight's Playoff Implications

  • Hot Tub Woody's Vs Twisters:  Woody's win secures 14th, Twisters win doesn't change anyone's fortunes.
  • Draft Kings Vs Dodge City:  Draft King's win secures 14th for the Woody's regardless of the result of the Woody's game.  A Dodge win keeps the chance for 14th alive ONLY if the HTW lose. 
  • Bat Flippers Vs Sliders:  Bat Flippers win will "virtually" secure 2nd place.  They own the tie breaker against the Dog Catchers and the Master Batters would have to win their last game by over 40 runs.  A Sliders win would ensure that they couldn't finish any lower than 12th.  
  • Hurtin' Units Vs Rusty Rebels:  A Hurtin' Unit win keeps them alive for 6th, while a loss secures 6th for the Beer Bros and 7th for the Units.  A Rebels win keeps the chance of finished 10th alive AND makes them the 2017 Beer Cup winners.  




  • The Hurtin' Units (still no picture) managed to barely hang onto the cup but eking out a win over the Gruesome Devils.  The Units have the Rusty Rebels this week.  If they lose to the Rebels, the Rusty Rebels will win the Beer Cup.  Should the Hurtin' Units win, their next game will be against the Inglorious Batsters and the winner of that game will win the cup for the 2017 season.   

It has become customary to put a picture of the Beer Cup winning team in this spot. Sadly, a pic was not provided by the victors, so I freelanced a reasonable facsimile. 



       Held the Cup

                 Hurtin’ Units (2)

                 Dusty Cleats (1)

                 Grisslies (1)

                 Rusty Rebels (1)

                 Bat Flippers (1)

                 Beer Bros. (1)

                 Inglorious Batsters (1)

                 Twisters (1)

       Defended the Cup

                 Grisslies (3)

                 Beer Bros. (3)

                 Twisters (3)

                 Dusty Cleats (2)

                 Hurtin' Units (1)

                 Inglorious Batsters (1)

       Beer Cup Games Played                  

                 Dusty Cleats (6)

                 Grisslies (5)

                 Beer Bros. (5)

                 Twisters (5)

                 Bat Flippers (4)

                 Inglorious Batsters (3)

                 Hurtin’ Units (3)

                 Rusty Rebels (2)

                 Tap Master (2)

                 Dodge City (2)

                 Gruesome Devils (2)  

                 Draft Kings

                 Master Batters

                 Sons Of Pitches

                 Hot Tub Woody's