I know you're not going to believe this but we have ANOTHER missing glove.  Not much of a description other than being brown and being left after the 8:15 at Keogh Park last Wednesday, August 23rd.  Let me know if you know of anyone who may have picked up a glove after that game


Tuesday's Games


  • The Hot Tub Woody's scored 7 in the 5th to earn a 12-12 with the first place Twisters. 
  • The Draft Kings had an 8-1 lead and held on to win 16-15 over Dodge City.
  • The Hurtin' Units held the Rusty Rebels to twelve hits in a 12-5 win.  
  • The Sliders rode Greg Tracey's 4 hits and 3 runs scored to beat the Bat Flippers 11-10



The playoff projections aren’t always broken down in the order that teams appear in the standings.  The reason for that is that our sort criteria in the standings doesn’t necessarily match what our tie breaking criteria is.  In accordance with our constitution, end of season ties are decided in the following order:

i)     Head – to – head record determined by points. (runs for and against in head – to – head are not a factor)

ii)    If still tied, by the number of wins in the overall league statistics. (ie. 12-12 beats 11-11-2).

iii)   If still tied, by the highest number of runs for in the overall league statistics.

iv)   If still tied, by the lowest number of runs against in the overall league statistics.


NOTE:  After the playoff round robin, the tie breaker changes to i) total points, ii) Plus / Minus iii) Head – to – head, iv) lowest number of runs against, v) coin flip  

All that being said, this would be your playoff matchups as of Friday August 25th. (Shaded boxes indicate home games)

The final two columns indicate the Highest and Lowest that a team could possibly finish.



Last nights games (see above) narrowed the possibilities only by one team with the Hot Tub Woody's clinching 14th place.  We still have 13 teams with 39 possible spots available.   

Tonight's Playoff Implications

  • Sons Of Pitches Vs Hot Tub Woody's:  A Pitches win would allow them to finish as high as 11th.  A loss would secure 13th place.  The Woody's have already settled into 14th.
  • Master Batters Vs Dog Catchers:  A tie would give the Master Batters 2nd, The Dog Catchers 3rd and the Bat Flippers 4th.  A Master Batters win would give the Master Batters 2nd, the Bat Flippers 3rd and the Dog Catchers 4th.  A Dog Catchers win would give the Dog Catchers 2nd, the Bat Flippers 3rd and the Master Batters 4th.   
  • Draft Kings Vs Gruesome Devils:  A Gruesome Devils win keeps hope alive for a 15th place finish.  A Devils loss gives Dodge City 15th place and the Devils 16th.    
  • Hurtin' Units Vs Inglorious Batsters:  The winner of this game wins the Beer Cup.  A Hurtin' Unit win keeps them alive for 6th place, while a loss would confirm 8th place.  A Batsters win would secure 7th place and a loss would result in 9th.  





  • The Hurtin' Units (still no picture) shut down the Rusty Rebels to the tune of 11-5 and managed to get to the last possible Beer Cup game.  They have one more defense they'll try against the Inglorious Batsters.     

It has become customary to put a picture of the Beer Cup winning team in this spot. Sadly, a pic was not provided by the victors, so I freelanced a reasonable facsimile. 



       Held the Cup

                 Hurtin’ Units (2)

                 Dusty Cleats (1)

                 Grisslies (1)

                 Rusty Rebels (1)

                 Bat Flippers (1)

                 Beer Bros. (1)

                 Inglorious Batsters (1)

                 Twisters (1)

       Defended the Cup

                 Grisslies (3)

                 Beer Bros. (3)

                 Twisters (3)

                 Dusty Cleats (2)

                 Hurtin' Units (2)

                 Inglorious Batsters (1)

       Beer Cup Games Played                  

                 Dusty Cleats (6)

                 Grisslies (5)

                 Beer Bros. (5)

                 Twisters (5)

                 Hurtin' Units (4)

                 Bat Flippers (4)

                 Inglorious Batsters (3)

                 Rusty Rebels (2)

                 Tap Master (2)

                 Dodge City (2)

                 Gruesome Devils (2)  

                 Draft Kings

                 Master Batters

                 Sons Of Pitches

                 Hot Tub Woody's