Tottenham Oldtimers Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Much are league fees?
A. $150.00 per player 

Q. What's included in the $150.00 league fee?
A.  Typically 24 regular season games, 4 round-robin playoff games, team jersey

Q. What equipment will I need? 
A. Baseball Glove, (non-metal) softball cleats are not required but are recommended, any additional protective gear is is at your own discretion.  Bats are provided by the league

Q. How many teams are there?
A. Currently, we have 17 teams but are exanding to 18 in 2020

Q. How will I be placed on a team?
A. The league holds a "blind draft" each season.  Team captains draft players from categories based on player ratings

Q. How will I be rated as a player?
New players joining the league will be asked to provide information on your past playing experience.  This could be as simple as "Never played organized baseball" to "Played SPN/SPO tournaments at X level".  The league may assign a "rookie" rating of 6 or another rating based on the information you provide and your skill level.

Q. Do I have to play a specific position?
A. No, you can play any position you're comfortable with, in consultation with your captains.

Q. Do I have to attend every game?
A. No, you are not required to attend every game.  The league understands outside commitments and vacations can play a part in missed games.  The league asks that you communicate with your captains ahead of any known absences.

Q. Do batters need to wear helmets?
A. Currently, helmets are optional for players to wear during an at bat. However, the league does encourage all of our players to be safe & wear a helmet.

Q. What rules does the league play by?
A. We follow SPN rules and regulations but the league added/amended rules based on our constitution.